Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Good.

We are in the recovery room now and Nick is getting Antsy. The Biopsy went well and he is now laying on his right side for 2 hours and then he will lay on his back for 2 hours and hopefully we will go home. We were playing thumb wars (remember that game) before his procedure and he kept winning. During his biopsy he was given a sedative and some percocet afterwards and I keep trying to get him to play with me now and he just keeps laughing at me. I am trying to take advantage of his sedated state of thumb strength. I know I can win.

You know, you would think that hospital food would have improved...what with everyone complaining about it for years and all. There is this Bistro here aside from the cafeteria and I thought I would give it a try. I got tabouli and is was n.a.s.t.a.y. I got a Turkey burger and it was n.a.s.t.a.y too. There were other funky things on the menu, like a tuna filet (like a whole tuna fish) sandwich...who is brave enough to try that at a hospital. Not I. These poor nurses and doctors have to eat this...yuck.
I am so bored


Yes, I have been holding off. Mainly because I am a slacker though.
I am PREGNANT. Nick and I are beyond thrilled. This will be our last child and we are anticipating enjoying this pregnancy just as that :) We both have always wanted 3 children and knew our desires would lead us to that. After trying for the last year we are finally pregnant. More to come on Baby later. I have an US on Monday and I can't wait to see that little heartbeat.

Here I sit...

In the hospital waiting room. Nick is having a Liver Biopsy done right now. We have been here since about 8:30am and will be here till around 4:30 if everything goes well, which I am sure it will.
Nick's liver enzymes have been elevated for about 6 years now, and they are going to find out why. It has gottten progressively worse and worse the past few years and he finally saw a specialist and they did more tests and then wanted to do this.
The hospital's WIFI is not cooperating and Blogger is really they only web site I can get on. It will not load anything else. I brought the laptop in hopes of keeping myself busy surfing the WWW. That is certainly not the case. I have lots to update so maybe this is my time.