Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Abigail Kaydence, the life of a 5 year old

Being 5 is so totally cool!  Here is what you are up to.

You still talk like a New Yorker, your volume levels are Loud and Louder.  The passion in your words, and the expressions of what you are needing to say, make it all worth every decibel above normal.   You smile with your whole face.  You love being talked to on your level, and when you talk...you expect the person/people you are talking to, to be paying attention.   You eat slower than a turtle and are distracted by every moving thing at dinner.  You take your time with things and don't like to be rushed.  You are very particular about how things are placed, how clothes fit you, where Mommy puts things and what touches them.

You love to build things, you can build a tower out of cups, you can build a house out of marshmallows, you even built a building out of snow balls outside the other day.  You enjoy putting puzzles together, playing Memory, PayDay, Monopoly.  You are very creative and love making something out of nothing.   You are an excellent student.  You love K, and the different activities you do each day.  I especially love when you come home and have a new song to sing with a cute little dance to go along with it (Hello Neighbor, Snowball fight, that silly Penguin one) It makes my day to see you so happy and excited to share with me.

Scooter is your Buddy, he is your little baby that you will try to carry around with you.  You are protective of him and worry anytime something is wrong with him, or he gets loose (which is often) and hyperventilate until Mommy chases him down.  You will then not let him out of your sight for the next 24 hrs, and put him in a choke hold when anyone goes near a door.  

You really make Mommy and Daddy appreciate the little things with you.  You do not show outward emotions, you are very stoic and strong like that.  To get you to say I love you back to Mommy or Daddy is a very rare occasion.  When you do say it, it is an amazing feeling.  Not because you are repeating back words out of habit, but because for you to say it, you can tell you are really thinking about Loving us.  I can almost see it in your eyes.  You are very matter of fact with your words, you tell it like it is.

We were at the dentist last Friday and on our way home you and Bella were talking about the importance of flossing.  Bella said it is SOOOO important to floss, and then you said very matter of fact "Well flossing's not more important than not killing someone"  What?  Where did that come from? You just had to "one up" Bella and let her know that there are more important things to worry about besides flossing.
Abigail you are such a sweet girl, you care so much about other people and will often worry about the ones you cannot help.  You weigh 50lbs and love to show how strong you are.  You make Mommy and Daddy stop and listen, you make us slow down, if even to just give you comfort in chaos.  You my little lady, are one Incredible girl!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sophia Rielle, life of a 2 year old

Being 2 is tough!   Here's what you are up to.

Potty training, which you have started on your own.  Although Daddy thinks you're ready, Mommy does not.  I think you are interested in parts of it, like how fast you can unravel a roll of toilet paper, and how many times you can flush the toilet before I catch you, or how quickly you can strip off all your clothes and diaper to proclaim to me (in the sweetest voice) that you want to pee on the potty!  So there we sit, and wait...and wait. You have gone twice so far, but I think that was by coincidence. Yesterday, you stripped down, broke through the gate and went upstairs.  You came back down a few minutes later and told Daddy that you pooped in Abby's room (Dayeee I poop Abby room) See Nick I told you she wasn't ready!

You will repeat almost anything, unless of course you are mad at someone asking you to say something.  You will get on the phone and say "What up Dude" You sing songs, mainly lolli-lolli-lolli-POP, and Jingle Bells.  You LOVE Go Diego Go, and Dora.  The other night at dinner we were trying to get you to take a bite of the Homemade Chicken potpie, you kept pushing your bowl away saying "Yucky".  I thought I would point out that Bella and Abby were eating like big girls, and you look at Daddy and say "Dayee eat big gurl"?  We were all laughing so hard, which just made you say it even more.  Now when you ask how Daddy eats, Sophie yells "like big Gurl"

Girlfriend, you have a Temper!  When you are hurt, you don't just cry.  You are MAD, only the person you go to for comfort can touch you.  If anyone else even gets close, you growl and scream, and then start swinging, pinching, hitting, till they go away.  Hard to believe that sweet little face can get so angry.

You love to climb on things.  I have to flip our kitchen chairs onto the table everyday just so you won't drag them across the floor to whatever it is you want to get into.  Some days it has been a drawer, one day it was the counter, one day it was the actual table where I found you trying to hang onto the light fixture above and swing.  Yeah, they get put up now.  Thank you very much!

You sleep with your bibi every night and for naps.  You also now require 3 blankets to go to sleep.  You have a favorite blankie, but really any 3 will do.  For about 3 months now when you are laid down, you point to the back of your crib and say these 3 letters "a-b-a" Daddy and I tried to figure out what you were pointing to and thus figure out what you were saying, but we can't.  We have no clue. We just decided to repeat the letters back to you a-b-a and that seems to suffice. We do however LOVE it, and it has become quite the routine to lay you down and make sure you say it before we walk out.

                                                                      Sophia's words.
                                                                      Dook = Drink
                                                                      Yaya = Phone
                                                                      Buddy = Scooter
                                                                      Bibi = Pacifier
                                                                      Iggies = Toes
                                                                      JeeJoo = Julie E.

You weigh 24lbs, you love to be the center of attention.  You have the most Beautiful Brown eyes, reminds me of my little sis (so does your temper) You are animated, enthusiastic,  and full of energy.  You gasp when you are trying hard to tell us something.  You say Ahh or Uhh before you say anyones name "uhh mommy" We love everyday with you and what you will amaze us with.  You are worth a million nights of going to bed exhausted.  I love you sweet girl.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Girls

I can't believe I have a 9 year old, a 5 year old, and a 2 year old.

To get all the 3 girls in one location, all somewhat looking at the camera, no one crying...was HARD!  I think I have about 65 others that were lacking one of the requirements above.

I need to be better

It is so easy to log on here and type out the things I want to remember, but I don't.  Why?  So many things going on, not enough time, I would rather read the few blogs of others that I follow, I have 3 busy little girls, Sophia bangs on my computer if I even try to get on here during her waking hours, I need to wash my hair...see I am busy!
But, I have decided now that I will make a better effort, and because I just typed that out, it's official. :)