Monday, October 6, 2008

Kicked out...

Of dance class that is. Abigail was kicked out of dance for disrupting the class. She would not stop screaming and crying and kicking her feet. They escorted her out of the classroom and said she could rejoin after she calmed down.

Me...trying to be firm, decided that she would still sit in the waiting room and watch the class on the TV screen (they show live feed from inside the class) She wanted to leave so badly, but I made her stick with it and stay in there...I was feeling pretty darn good, Until she started asking questions.

The first question..."Hey mom do all those girls have Gina's?"

This is when I could feel the heat coming off of my face, my heart sped up and palms got sweaty and I could feel the stares upon me. That is when I decided I could totally play this off.

I reply with "Yes Abby, the Olympics were in China" I then decided staying any longer could further cause embarrassment on my behalf and we needed to go.

Abby has since been pulled out of dance class. I still had to pay for 2 months though.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The day Abigail trumped Bella

Isabella has always been fascinated by earrings. She longs for the day she is brave enough to do it.

Well that day came. She woke up one beautiful weekend morning and had decided that today was the day to get her ears pierced. Abby of course wanted to do it also. I warned Abby that it would be painful and it was a little needle gun that did the job. She did not understand, but still wanted it done.

Nick and I talked and decided that she did in fact seem sure she would do it (cause there was a false alarm trip in our past) and that today would be the day for her. We called our family and told them about it and they all cheered her on.

We get to the store and Isabella and Abigail pick out their earrings. Nick and I are certain at this point that when Abby see's Bella do it, she will no longer want to. We didn't put much in the fact Abby would.

So Isabella gets up there in the chair...they clean her ears...mark the spot, load the gun...wait did she just say load the gun?!? OK, MOM, DAD...never mind I don't want to do this anymore...I am thinking maybe when I am like 37 I will get my ears pierced. Yes, she actually said that.

Abigail is ready in line for her turn. Nick and I tell her it will hurt, there will be owies, a hole etc. She didn't care. She climbed in that chair so proudly. She smiled at Bella and said "wook Bewwa...I det my ears pierced" Sure enough she did it, and they had to do one at a time and she actually sat there for the second ear. So the outcome is this.

Abigail was so proud of herself. She has not stopped talking about her earrings. She compliments everyone that wears them on how beautiful theirs are. She never misses a pair of earrings in a store, person, my jewelry box. She picks out which earrings I will wear which day. The little peanut is in love with her earrings. She has taken care of them wonderfully, she cleans them, turns them, and tells me if her hair is stuck in them so I can carefully get it out.

Bella loves the fact that Abby did it, but is till set on 37 herself.