Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am a very smart girl...

My "save the Isabella journal posts" were for a good cause. You see, I know when my kids start showing an interest in something that will not be satisfied with a simple "that's not yours" or "please don't touch my stuff" and anything short of putting it away and forgetting myself where I put it, there is no solution to be found. (I know I am such the disciplinarian)

OK so it has been raining every day for about a week now. I look outside to see how the grass is loving the rain and over in the corner on a grilling table I see...."The Journal" I had already got my entries out and put them here, so no big deal really. Isabella had her own pages and pages of entries in there also. I have no idea when it made it's way out of the house and into the backyard, but I am so glad I got what I wanted out of it.

I had to laugh. There was nothing else to do.

You can still see my writing, but it is blurred and wet, and the pages are stuck together.

Monday, July 14, 2008

January 4th, 2007

*Save the Isabella Journal post*

You have been telling lies lately about things...some serious and some not so serious, but still lying to Daddy and I none the less. I got very frustrated and asked Daddy to have a firm conversation with you when he got home from work. So...he comes home and takes you right into your room, and I sit back and relax...and think for a moment... "he is in there setting you straight and I will not have to deal with the lies anymore cause he is solving that problem, Yeah baby I say to myself. Problemo solved, I should just call daddy at work more often and he can settle things when gets home"

SO, you come out of your room, and very seriously say to me "Mama...The truth with set me free" I immediately shoot the evil eye over to Nick and he has turned away cause he is laughing so hard. I could not help but to laugh also.
You have not lied again though, and I have also not called Nick at work and asked him to discipline when he gets home.


October 14th, 2006

*Save the Isabella Journal*

Tonight we are all sitting down at the table and you strike up a very funny conversation.

You start telling Daddy that you have a boyfriend. Daddy asks, who it is and you say "sire", then you tell daddy that Sire takes you to dinner and shopping at Target (that's my girl) and how much you like your boyfriend. Daddy then asks you if you have kissed him (cause he might just have to go find sire) You got the most serious look on you face and say. "No daddy, because if I kiss him I will fall in love with him, then you have to get married and have babies, and I don't want babies" That's my girl.
Nick and I had a good laugh.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

September 29th, 2006

*Saving the Isabella Journal post*

You asked me a very funny question today Isabella and here is our conversation:

Isabella: Mom, I am going to be 5 on December the 19 and I was wondering...Do 5 years olds still jump on the bed, or do they help their moms with the laundry?

Me: (holding back the laughter and thinking precisely how to answer so we can both benefit, I have alot of laundry you know) *In my best valley girl voice I say* They help their moms with the laundry.

You see we both won there, she laughed cause of how I talked when I answered the question, and I won cause she can help with laundry.

But really, you can jump on your bed till your heart is content.
I love you Angel baby.


September 6th 2006

*Saving the Isabella Journal post*

So apparently I am not so good at keeping this journal. Isabella you are such an incredible person. I fall in love with you over and over again each day. Your love for you sister is amazing.
You wake up every morning and just wait for her to start talking in the monitor so you can be the first to rush in to her and say " Good Morning beautiful Abba Dabba"

Abby was really fussy tonight and you were trying to console her, she was crying while I was trying to fix dinner and instead of getting aggravated with her, you told her how much you loved her and wanted a kiss, which she ever so generously gave you...snot, tears and all.

You also get your new teeth next week. Yippeeeee. I forget what you used to look like with teeth.

Love you baby.


September 19th 2005

I had originally started a journal that was hand written back in 05. I was really terrible at it, although I did get a few funny stories here and there. I had one for each of the girls.
A few *kids* in my house have decided to take Isabella's for their own and I need to save my funny stories from quick demise. I found a page in here that has a list of things we need to get done, or want done in our house. I will just was not in Isabella's handwriting. The whole back of the book is filled with colorful drawings, and little notes from a budding writer.
This is what happened on this day.

We pulled out of our sub-division today, only to realize there was a PGA (that does not sound right, almost like golf or something, but it is what I wrote so we'll stick with it) Bicycle tour race in progress. I had to drive around them a few times (2 lane road with no bike lane). This is our conversation.

Isabella: Why do you keep doing that?
Me: They are racing and I have to go around them.
Isabella: I think we should just run them over.
Me: *gasp* NO Isabella , they could die.
Isabella: Well they can just get new batteries after they die.
Me: Humans don't have batteries that can be replaced when they die honey.
Isabella: My toys do.
Me: Yes, Yes they do.

Kids think of the most simple things.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Let the fun begin!

Tonight, J and I will get a preview of life with 3 kids + 1 extra. Our nieces are here and they are having a sleepover with Isabella and Abigail. If bedtime hasn't been difficult enough with my girls lately, tonight should be quite interesting. This adventure better known as the Isabella, Hailey, Anna, and Abigail experiment has been conducted once before and the results were inconclusive as Hailey and Anna didn't make it through the night and thus were picked up by their mom and dad. Presently J is preparing all 4 girls + dog for a walk around the block, I am unable to attend due to prior teeth flossing scheduled for the exact time as their walk is set to begin, oh well maybe next time.

I think J is getting the blogging bug back now as she "claims" she will be updating later tonight. You know what they say, actions speak louder than words. Well, it's off to cleaning the kitchen, doing the dishes, scrubbing the toilets, whatever else needs to be done until I get the all clear that all 4 kids + dog have gone night night. Until next time...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready to Play

Lately, if you haven't noticed my wife has been slacking on updating her blog. There seem to be numerous excuses "oops I mean reasons" as to why. I constantly tell J she needs to update her blog, not only because it allows us the ability to look back at events and situations that occur during our life, but I love looking at and reading her updates because the main characters are my family and what better read can that be. The other day J came up with the idea of giving me the title of "Co-blogger" so I can assist in filling in materal during her "busy" time when she is unable to update. Therefore, moving forward I will from time to time help fill the daily or weekly gaps my lovely wife sometimes leaves behind. For now, I must get back to making "bookie," otherwise known as money to those who don't know Abigail. Until next time...