Saturday, July 12, 2008

September 19th 2005

I had originally started a journal that was hand written back in 05. I was really terrible at it, although I did get a few funny stories here and there. I had one for each of the girls.
A few *kids* in my house have decided to take Isabella's for their own and I need to save my funny stories from quick demise. I found a page in here that has a list of things we need to get done, or want done in our house. I will just was not in Isabella's handwriting. The whole back of the book is filled with colorful drawings, and little notes from a budding writer.
This is what happened on this day.

We pulled out of our sub-division today, only to realize there was a PGA (that does not sound right, almost like golf or something, but it is what I wrote so we'll stick with it) Bicycle tour race in progress. I had to drive around them a few times (2 lane road with no bike lane). This is our conversation.

Isabella: Why do you keep doing that?
Me: They are racing and I have to go around them.
Isabella: I think we should just run them over.
Me: *gasp* NO Isabella , they could die.
Isabella: Well they can just get new batteries after they die.
Me: Humans don't have batteries that can be replaced when they die honey.
Isabella: My toys do.
Me: Yes, Yes they do.

Kids think of the most simple things.


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