Saturday, July 12, 2008

September 29th, 2006

*Saving the Isabella Journal post*

You asked me a very funny question today Isabella and here is our conversation:

Isabella: Mom, I am going to be 5 on December the 19 and I was wondering...Do 5 years olds still jump on the bed, or do they help their moms with the laundry?

Me: (holding back the laughter and thinking precisely how to answer so we can both benefit, I have alot of laundry you know) *In my best valley girl voice I say* They help their moms with the laundry.

You see we both won there, she laughed cause of how I talked when I answered the question, and I won cause she can help with laundry.

But really, you can jump on your bed till your heart is content.
I love you Angel baby.


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