Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am a very smart girl...

My "save the Isabella journal posts" were for a good cause. You see, I know when my kids start showing an interest in something that will not be satisfied with a simple "that's not yours" or "please don't touch my stuff" and anything short of putting it away and forgetting myself where I put it, there is no solution to be found. (I know I am such the disciplinarian)

OK so it has been raining every day for about a week now. I look outside to see how the grass is loving the rain and over in the corner on a grilling table I see...."The Journal" I had already got my entries out and put them here, so no big deal really. Isabella had her own pages and pages of entries in there also. I have no idea when it made it's way out of the house and into the backyard, but I am so glad I got what I wanted out of it.

I had to laugh. There was nothing else to do.

You can still see my writing, but it is blurred and wet, and the pages are stuck together.


Lisa said...

Oh man! That stinks! So glad you have them saved though....

Like the new look - fun & feisty!

PS - Congrats on the new baby. When are you due again? And does she have a name?

Diane said...

HEY!! Where are the updates? This is the only way I can keep up with you and the kids. Miss you Joani!
-diannie61 (from The Beach)