Friday, July 11, 2008

Let the fun begin!

Tonight, J and I will get a preview of life with 3 kids + 1 extra. Our nieces are here and they are having a sleepover with Isabella and Abigail. If bedtime hasn't been difficult enough with my girls lately, tonight should be quite interesting. This adventure better known as the Isabella, Hailey, Anna, and Abigail experiment has been conducted once before and the results were inconclusive as Hailey and Anna didn't make it through the night and thus were picked up by their mom and dad. Presently J is preparing all 4 girls + dog for a walk around the block, I am unable to attend due to prior teeth flossing scheduled for the exact time as their walk is set to begin, oh well maybe next time.

I think J is getting the blogging bug back now as she "claims" she will be updating later tonight. You know what they say, actions speak louder than words. Well, it's off to cleaning the kitchen, doing the dishes, scrubbing the toilets, whatever else needs to be done until I get the all clear that all 4 kids + dog have gone night night. Until next time...

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