Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some extras...

I got the cutest little cards made with these 3 pictures in them, they turned out so nice.

Cute smile when Daddy walked in the room and started singing his song to her. This girl will be a sucker for her daddy.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Family pics 2009

Now that our family is complete we needed pictures for proof :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Scooters nightmare at the groomers

Poor guy! Alls he wanted was to be able to see again. Typically he is trimmed on the body, eyes, and hygiene parts, the rest is left alone ie. tail and ears. He had the softest ears...I miss those long ears. I took him to a new place here and this is the scooter I picked up. Ears totally shaved and tail left long, his body hair is as short as it could be without being shaved.

I know he feels naked, insecure, ashamed, embarrassed that I took these pics and am now posting them on the Internet. Crystal, he is crying out for you to still love him, take him as he is, love him for what he was...not what he has become. Please don't leave him over one bad haircut, please.

The smell of a baby sister

When we brought Sophia home from the hospital Abby was not at all interested in her. She could take her or leave her. She could sit right next to her and not even look over, she would walk right by and never notice her. She could care less.
I wanted pictures of all the girls together and Abby would always say Sophia stinks. I asked her what Sophia smelled like and she said "her smell wike a snunk" (skunk). I said Abby have you ever even smelled a skunk and she would say "uh huh I smell it on Sophia".

Abby is nicer now and Sophia no longer smells like a "snunk" according to Abby.

My bow baby!

I have always wanted a baby who would keep a good big bow in. Isabella?...not so much, Abby?...are you kidding me. Sophia will be my bow baby...I just know it.

Or maybe not...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A dedication to my BFF's

No words needed!!

A teaser for Crystal and Heather

If you want to see more of this outdated beauty you must come VISIT!!!!

The pool in the backyard :)

The kitchen :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NICU baby

Nick got to go do feedings and diaper changes while she was hooked up to all the monitors and IV's. He would take pics and bring them back to me in my room. He had the nurse take these.

Snow day!

The kids loved the snow. This was the first real snow we had since we moved here. The girls would have stayed out there all day if we let them.

Bella is rolling up a snow ball here to throw at me.

Some more from February

First smiles

Abby's face is always dirty in every picture I take~!
So precious!!


She has the cutest cheeks ever, I just wanna squeeze them.

These are from Feb/2008

Sweet feet

I think baby feet are the sweetest things ever.

Sophia is such a good baby and I am so fortunate to have her.

This is from 12/30/2008 so she was about 2 weeks old.