Friday, March 20, 2009

Scooters nightmare at the groomers

Poor guy! Alls he wanted was to be able to see again. Typically he is trimmed on the body, eyes, and hygiene parts, the rest is left alone ie. tail and ears. He had the softest ears...I miss those long ears. I took him to a new place here and this is the scooter I picked up. Ears totally shaved and tail left long, his body hair is as short as it could be without being shaved.

I know he feels naked, insecure, ashamed, embarrassed that I took these pics and am now posting them on the Internet. Crystal, he is crying out for you to still love him, take him as he is, love him for what he was...not what he has become. Please don't leave him over one bad haircut, please.

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Heather said...

What the heck did they do to poor Scooter??? That is horrible! You should never take him there again.