Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

It was such a perfect night, clear, beautiful, crisp weather. Sophia was not at all up to going out, so Soph stayed home with Nick and passed out candy to all the polite, kind, sweet children.

My sweet little Fairies.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Freezing in October

Oh, it is so cold here right now. The high today is 49. This is so weird to me to be cold at this time of year. I knew it was going to be getting cold soon, but I feel like we totally skipped the fall weather, or maybe this is fall weather :) not sure about that one. I have been reading that this will be a very cold and snowy winter. The girls will love that for sure. I got out all the scarves, gloves, hats, snow boots etc. from last year. Unfortunately, they no longer fit who they are supposed to fit, so a winter shopping trip is in our very near future.

I had the craziest, busiest day yesterday and had some thoughts that totally caught me off guard. I was non stop yesterday from the time my feet hit the floor. I was hope for maybe 30min total the entire day till 8pm and when I laid down last night thinking of how tired I was, I missed Sophia like crazy. I didn't get to hold her but for a few min, in between passing her off to other people (Mops, mimi, laying her down for a nap so I could run back out the door to take Abby to the doctor) and I was so sad that I didn't play with her at all yesterday, didn't get to see if she could take 5 steps instead of 4, didn't get to kiss her as much as usual, didn't cuddle with her, didn't lay on the floor while she climbed all over me. I know this is not the normal day for us, so not like it will be happening again soon, but still. I really truly missed her. SO much so, that I got my tired, exhausted, aching body out of bed and walked into her room so I could see her sleeping so peacefully one last time before I closed my own eyes. I was really surprised I felt this way after only a day of crazy chaos. I did vow to really and truly revel in her squishy, sweet babyness since this will be our last baby, so maybe missing a day of her set that off.

I have been busy making the girls Halloween costumes and they will be ready soon. I am so excited to have accomplished this and before the deadline.

Bella is doing so awesome in school and I am so proud of her, she is working so hard and it is showing in all her work. Our parent/teacher conference was awesome and she has all A's and 1 B. She loves Math, and Reading the most. She loves going to school and really looks up to the Teachers and staff there. I could not be more proud or happy for her. I think how fortunate we are to not be dealing with any issues with school work right now, or her hating to go to school, or just not applying herself how she should. I know there are many children who struggle with this and for that I am thankful.

Abby is still Abby. She has good days, bad days. She is my little strong minded, my way or no way child. She likes to put together puzzles, play hide and seek, her favorite number is 4 cause that's how old she is and will tell you in a minute, she also thinks she needs 4 of everything. Abby showed her very strong willed self off at the bust stop this morning. 30 something degrees outside 7am standing on the street corner with neighbors, Abby decides to take off the white jacket I gave her, throw it on the wet ground and proceed to stand there and scream about how cold she is while wearing a Miami Dolphins cheerleading outfit (and not the Midwest possibly warm version) I am talking the tank top/skirt version, while holding an umbrella and refusing to put the jacket back on. How hard is it to behave for 4min while we walk Bella to the bus stop. We have been talking and praying for the homeless adults and children lately at night and Abby is especially concerned for them. Asking how they eat, where they sleep, why they don't have a house, etc. So yesterday Abby decides she will ask Santa to bring her a Dora tent, with a blanket and pillow and she will give it to the kids who sleep outside so they can have a house. Then she goes "dat work mama right? Dose kids will weally like that huh?" She is so sweet and caring, when you catch her at the right time :)

Sophia is taking steps, and she has 2 teeth that are starting to come in...finally. Bella and Abby both got their first teeth at 6m and Soph just wants to take it at her own pace. She is all over the place, crawling, pulling up, taking a few steps before falling back, or sometimes forward. I was hoping she would not walk for a while longer and would stay little forever and ever, but I know that is not happening, plus with her bug sisters walking all around her, I knew it would be no time before she figured it out. Still taking 2 naps for the most part of a normal day. Sleeping through the night most of the time. Eating like crazy and just being happy and smiley and giving lots of kisses and raspberries to most people.

Monday, September 21, 2009


It is so hard to find any pictures of us all together.
The days pass quickly, the months fly by and the years seem to pass with the blink of an eye.
I know all too soon, our girls will be young ladies, they will be independent and on their own and Nick and I will look back and wonder where the time went.

They will be strong women, who stand up for who and what they believe in.

We will give them every bit of knowledge we have and teach them to learn from every mistake made.

They will have learned to love each other and will have close relationships with one another.

They will not be afraid to love and be loved.

Best of all, Nick and I will have taught them, raised them, loved them.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Abby and the great Soccer adventure.

Seeing Abby play soccer is so fun for Nick and I. The best part is she is wearing shorts and a shirt, which never...and I mean never happens. She looks so freakin cute in her shorts and shin guards and her hair pulled back. She plays her little heart out. She runs after the ball and focuses so hard on getting it through the goal.
Can't you just see the determination in her eyes.
The focus of this girl, I tell ya!

Abby wants to be a chicken, Abby wants to be a duck...quack, quack, quack...

Ok, now were getting there baby. Go Abby go!!

You amaze us everyday Abby, and we could not be more proud of you.

She takes many breaks for a drink, but she needs the sugar while she is running for 1 hour non stop, so we don't say anything about that to her, and her coach understands she needs it.

Now I would not say she is without her moments of not paying attention, because clearly she is, but at 4, I think she has done incredible.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Isabella at 3 years old

Having a moment of looking back at when you were 3. So cute and fun.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sophia 8 months

What a sweet baby you are. 20lbs 27in long and the fattest little thighs I have seen. You have started to army crawl, you are hesitant to go from sitting to crawling as I think you feel you will tip over and face plant on the rug...which has happened so the feeling is valid. You say "daddadadadadadada" but no sign of mama yet. You babble and squeal. You love peek a boo, patty cake, and "Sophie come out and play with me" You will flail those little arms at any sign of that song.
You are sleeping through the night and have been for some time now. You take 2 naps, one about 2 to 3 hours after you wake up and then another in the later afternoon for about 45min. You are a creature of comfort and love routine. You will only sleep in your crib and on 2 occasions have you fallen asleep elsewhere. Daddy says you fell asleep on his chest once a few months ago, but until I see proof we will count the 2 times you slept on the floor in the middle of playing. You have not been much of a sleeper on other people. You like and want your own space when sleeping and I can't blame you *ahem bella and abby, you hear that...mommy want her own space*
You smile at everyone especially men. You have a thing for their voices I would like to believe. You are so much fun and I am thankful everyday to have you as our daughter, to be blessed with such an easy going little girl, that just loves to have someone look at her and smile.
I love you soph, pebbles, nana, fifi.

Happy Birthday yaya!!

I wish I was there to wish you a Happy Birthday in person, to give you a card and gift with my hands, to hug you super tight...cause I know you like that best haha. Being far away is so hard when Birthday's and Holidays come around. I would want nothing more than to be there with you today to celebratate your 28th.
I love you Yaya.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Oh the dealings with Abby just don't seem to get any easier.

Woke up on August 1st and was sick, throwing up and blood sugar dropping quickly. I called the Doctor and they said to head to the hospital. We got there and started her on IV fluids and gave her sugars. Her Ketones were high and sugar was low. Her heart rate was fast and her body was done fighting. They decided to admit us and watch her over night, which seems to be what always happens. She is not stable enough to bring home. We stayed for 2 days and during that time she had an X-ray, lots of blood drawn to try to pinpoint the reason it keeps happening. No luck on any test results. She had some rather frightening rectal bleeding while we were there that no one could find a reason for. A week later, all blood results are within normal ranges for the most part.
Then on August 19th, Abby came downstairs and collapsed on the kitchen floor. She was not responding to me and when she would try to open her eyes, they would roll back in her head. I took her blood sugar and it was 38. I moved her to the couch and immediately went into the kitchen to find anything with sugar in it. Abby was awake but not moving or talking to me at this point, so I gave her a Popsicle and a piece of candy to suck on and a glass of Gatorade. I put a call in to the Doctor in which they called back within minutes. The Doctor expressed her concerns with this happening so closely and seems to be getting worse. She wanted to call some Endo docs and see what they wanted to do and call me back. While I was waiting, I got her blood sugar up to 50. At this point she began to throw up. In between throwing up I was still giving sugars to try to maintain her.
The Doctor called back again and said a team of Endocrinologist were waiting for her at the Children's hospital and to head there.
The Endo docs basically said our best chance at treating this is to do preventative measures. I got 2 machines to test her with at home. Her blood ketones, and her blood sugars. We also have to give her 5Tbs or raw corn starch at night before bed. We found the best way to do this is to mix it with Chocolate milk. We have narrowed it down to the part of her body failing her. While she is sleeping her body tries to maintain her blood sugars by grabbing onto her stored sugars and carbs from previous meals. Well Abby's body does not store it starts breaking down other things it is not supposed to. Which in turn makes her body produce Ketones, after so many produce her body goes into ketoacidosis. Well the Ketoacidosis makes her throw up. So all this time we were thinking she was getting a virus and it was making her throw up and drop her blood sugars, when actually she is dropping those sugars at night and by the time she is waking up she is already in the Ketoacidosis phase and that is making her throw up. So we had it all backwards.
Now that we better understand what her body is doing, we are doing our best to prevent it from happening. The Raw corn starch releases slow amounts of carbs into her body through the night and allows her to maintain a semi steady stream of blood sugar. This has proven to be effective so far. We have had only 2 days of low blood sugar and 2 days of Ketones in her blood in the last 11 days or so.
For me though, I don't feel like it is good enough. I want to know what is causing it, and what long term effects it will have, and how long it will last. The Endo docs said there is 500 metabolic disorders it can be and testing can for all these can be exhausting. Their biggest concern is Abby slipping into a coma while she is sleeping from low blood sugar and us not knowing.
Abby has since started losing her hair, she has 3 balding spots on the top of her head and no one can tell us why. I just feel in my heart there is something more that is being over looked or missed.
I just wish we had a better answer.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Best Friend...

Is getting married!!!!

I am beyond thrilled for her, maybe even a little too much so. She asked me to be her Maid of honor and I am so excited. I am sad I am so far away from her right now though, I want to be there for all the little events, trying on dresses, looking at venues etc. I wish I could be there to see her beautiful face when she finds the perfect dress and just knows it, that moment will stay with you forever, I want to calm her through the frustrating things that will pop up throughout this planning period (that you are dreading). I would want nothing more than to be right next to her and support her and give her everything she needs.
What an exciting time this is.
Most importantly I would tell her all the details will fall into place and although it may seem like forever away it will be here before she knows it and , the most important part of this whole thing is marrying the man of your dreams. Going to bed every night and knowing you are with your Best Friend (I know I am not numero uno anymore and that is ok with me), sharing your day, your dreams, and knowing he will be there and do anything for you. Spending your days forever with the one you love is a feeling that can never be taken from you.
The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination, and although it has many stumbling blocks along the way and, may go in more than one direction, it is marked with Faith. It is traveled by belief and courage, persistence and hard work. It is conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances, to fail and try again, and again. Along the way, you may have to confront doubts, setbacks, and unfairness. But when the path comes to an end, you will find that there is no greater joy than making your dreams comes true.
Heather, My heart is filled with such love for you and David it is crazy. He treats you like I would wish he would, he gives you what I would hope and pray for you to have, he loves you like I would want you to be loved. You have changed so much since being with David and I can honestly say it is all good changes. My eyes fill with tears even as I write this cause I am so incredibly happy and proud of you (and cause I'm emotional). I love you so much, and wish nothing but wonderful things for you. You have been there for me for everything, and I know I could call you at anytime and say I needed you and you would be there, even from far away. I know you also know I would do the same for you.
I miss you!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another trip

I just returned from a very long and much needed trip to FL. The girls and I packed up the car and just left...all decided within a couple hours.
Our life has been anything BUT normal since moving here. Starting with my pregnancy, moving at 32 weeks. The complications that arose from that, starting with Sophia's NICU, trouble breathing, blood sugars, high CBC, 2 days of antibiotics, heart murmur. Then on to me, stroke in my eye, incision coming open. After returning home being very ill, having to go back in for IV fluids, then being dropped off on Christmas day alone at an ER while Nick came home with the 3 girls, blood pressure sky high, I was given pain med after pain med, my sister talking me though everything they were doing and ordering. Then being given a combination of meds to take the next week together, only to find out later (after not waking for 2 days) that those 2 meds should never be taken together and could be lethal.
April this year Abby got sick and had to be hospitalized and was diagnosed recently with Ketotic hypoglycemia, I am thankful it was not some of the more permanent things they were discussing, but none the less something that still needs to be monitored carefully, and could potentially be very dangerous.
Bella has had some very private things happen and she is now in counseling. Things that have rocked our family so hard we are unsure some days how to cope.
Sophia needs her eye surgery, which hopefully will be simple.
2 Fridays ago our dog scooter got sick, he was acting all funny and crying and not eating. I took him to the vet and they did some x-rays and see all these masses in his intestines that she believed to be cloth. He needed emergency surgery now and would not live 12 to 24 more hours. She gave us the option to put him to sleep, heavily sedate him and let him die at home or do this surgery. They surgery quote went up to 1900.00 dollars. Then he needed after care at an Animal Hospital which was going to be anywhere from 600 to 900 dollars. Just insane. We obviously did the surgery, we had the money and Scooter is not just a dog to us, but a family member. The girls would be devastated if anything happened to him. So they do they surgery and he ate a freakin bib...a whole bib...he chewed it and everything. Guess I now know where that one went. The cloth was acting as a barrier in his intestines not letting anything pass. He only weighs 7lbs so there was no way that thing was going anywhere. The worse part was she saved it for me to see...puke.
Nick goes to work the next Monday and was fired. Need I even say more. We uplifted our whole family for this company, the hell we have been through since living here. Nick had given every ounce of his being to this company. He on several occasions put this company ahead of our own family. He gave his heart and soul into everything he did. Our family and this Company Nick protected, their best interest was always put ahead and thought of before decisions were made. Then to fire him? Going on 9 years. Moving our family here, the sacrifices, personal and financial we made. The stress and pressure our marriage has endured since moving here are insurmountable. What our little girls have been through is not even fair. How could anyone treat someone like this. Seriously? I would not wish what we have been dealt on my worse enemy. The things we have been tested with.
SO I left, I packed up the girls and started driving on Tuesday June 30th and got to FL on Wed July 1st. I just had to get out of this house, out of this city.
Nick stayed behind with his mom. He had lots of things to take care of, and running away is not really his forte like mine is apparently :) While we were gone his mom fell in our laundry room and broke her wrist in 2 places I guess and needs surgery...tomorrow actually. Will this end.
I got back this Sunday July 12th in the wee house of the morning.
The girls were incredible on our little journey, they really were the best little travelers I could have ever asked for.
Now I am home and trying to get back to our new normal. Whatever that may be, I guess we will figure it out. We are going to be OK and we are not moving back to FL, we are holding on tight and trying our best to hold it together.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sophias eye surgery scheduled.

For July 17th, it should be a simple procedure. They are probing her eye and cutting away scar tissue and cartlidge. If there is a problem and it is still not draining properly they will put a little tube in place that will run through her and eye and out her nose allowing drainage for 6 weeks to 6 months. I hope and pray she will have the simpler part of this procedure, for all things in my life right now that need to be normal I need this to go smoothly. For her own recovery she needs this.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Abby

Oh sweet Abby girl. I can't believe how the time has flown since the day you were born. What a little lady you have become, and such a sparkly one too. The things you say and do every day are so entertaining. Your sense of humor, your jokes, and that contagious laugh you have...oh how I love that laugh, so hearty and deep.

You amaze me and daddy everyday.

We love you sweet baby!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!

To the most amazing, dedicated, loving, caring father anyone could ask for.

You amaze me every day. The girls have your heart and their hearts are yours. I can't wait to see how your relationships strengthen as you grow together with our daughters. I know they will run to you when Mommy says no, kinda like they do now. I know they will want your protection at times and at other times I am sure they will think you are too strict and need to lighten up. They will probably not like either of us at some point in teen hood, but will always remember when you used to fly them to bed, the tickle monster, the synopsis on sports for each season, the never ending hugs and kisses, the little jokes we have, and the dates every month with special one on one daddy time. These are memories you are instilling in them, memories they will always have, moments of happiness.

Thank you, for being the father you are, the daddy-o, the play time super-hero. We love you.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Memorial weekend trip to Atlanta...

Oh what fun we had.

It started out with an 8hr and 45 min car ride by myself to get there. It was pure bliss, seriously just me, Nicks car and an ipod. Wonderful. I have never taken off on my own this far and was a little apprehensive at first. This was a huge deal for me to do, it took alot of talking myself in to. Nick and I have always been together when we have traveled, and he has always been the one behind the wheel. I hate driving in unfamiliar places, and navigating my way around traffic in places I am not confident, now I am so confident, knowing I could drive a long distance by myself and actually find my way and not be scared.

Ok, so my actual purpose of driving to Atlanta was my cousin Patrick's wedding. My little sis Cris, and my BFF Heather were also meeting me there. They were driving up from FL and I was driving down from MO. Talk about excited, I was like a little kid in a candy store.

We all woke up very tired Saturday morning...not naming any names...but some of us didn't want to wake up at all *ahem*
We had breakfast and IHOP, which was not the easiest to find. We had the best server that any of us admittedly have ever had, he was so much fun, and I even asked if he could come home with me...jokingly of course, and he responded maybe a little to seriously with a yeah.
After breakfast we took a ride over to Urgent care, and deciding heather was in fact going to live, so we continued our day.

Saturday night we planned for dinner and drinks at Bahama Breeze, where I ate way too much. So yummy. My cousins met up with us and had some drinks and talked.

There was this *older* lady that was hilarious. She had no reservations about getting out on the dance floor. She was a little tipsy. She was very energetic. She was a little annoying to other guests, and was the topic of quite a few laughs...except Heather, she felt sorry for her. Anyway, here she is in the pink. At some point she got a hold of someones Boa and was wrapping it around random peoples necks and doing a semi dance for them...picture that.

Sunday was the wedding. It was in the afternoon and was a tad bit hot, reception following. The people making/preparing the food were a tidge questionable, so Heather, Cris and I skipped on that one, with a long ride of travel ahead of us for the next day, a stomach bug was the last thing we needed.

All in all a fantastic trip. I miss my BFF Heather, that was the first time we have seen each other in 8 months. Hopefully with her Brothers wedding and our trip were planning for Thanksgiving we will get together sooner.

Monday, May 18, 2009

For my dadddy...

I am such a slacker. I have been meaning to give you these pics, and kept forgetting. Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Denise and Uncle Todd and Kimberly all came for a visit while Yaya and the girls were here and these are the pics I got.

Nick is such a dork, look in the background you can see him slouching down to get in the pic and have no one notice. Camera hog!

Uncle Todd and the girls.

Aunt Denise and the girls.

Grandpa and Sophia.

Anna and Grandpa. I love this picture, the way he is looking at her and how she is looking up at him.

Get away

With all that we have had going in the last few weeks we needed to get away. We have close friends that are like family in Cincinnati and decided to head out for a visit.
It was about a 6 hour drive on Mothers Day weekend, and it was the best drive ever. Sophia slept most of the way and was a dream baby. Bella and Abby were wonderful and so good. They watched movies and talked and relaxed. Nick and I talked and enjoyed each others company. We have had little to none alone time together since we moved here and it was almost like a date and we got a few hours in the car to talk and actually not be interrupted. We laughed, made jokes, and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.
The weekend was so nice as well. Even though the house was full, it reminded me of being home and having everyone around. The noise from all the kids was actually relaxing to me, I miss all the noise of my nieces and nephews, my sisters and brother in laws, my mom and dad. Every weekend in FL we had a BBQ and my house was filled with hustle and bustle, laughter, noise, children running and playing. I miss that and we got a small glimpse of what it used to be.
Dorothy and Blue were the best hosts and made us feel comfortable and at home. Being in their company is always fun, and full of good conversations. It was a long awaited visit coming, they have come to our house in FL a few times, we have met for vacations in Orlando for Disney, a cabin in the Smokey Mountains in TN, and we have yet to drive to Ohio to them. I loved seeing where they live and the area they are in.
I am so thankful to have real friends that are true to you and love you for who you are. There are few people like that and they are.

Abby girl...

Abby's Doctors and a few specialists all agree that Abby has what is called "Glycolic synthetase deficiency" also known as Glycolic storage disease. There is not a whole lot of information out there on this, especially in terms regular people can understand. The Doctor explained it to me like this. She is missing an enzyme in her body that should be allowing her to store carbs, energy from food, because it is missing when Abby has any period of fasting ie. sickness, picky eating etc. she deteriorates quickly with no stores of energy. It affects her liver through the processing stage and that is what makes it enlarged. When her body returns to normal eating, she regains her strength and her liver decreases to normal size.
SO...the main concerns here are slipping into a coma in her sleep from no carb storage, and when she gets ill, she gets sick quickly. Liver damage can occur overtime and that is something we need to monitor closely.
Moving forward we are to head to the ER when she has thrown up more than 3x, and we have an appt. with a genetic Doctor on May 28th at 1pm to figure out what we need to do in long term care for this disease. There is no cure, or special pill that will make it go away. It is something we will have to work with. From what I understand it can me maintained through diet. We can prolong the liver disease process through the diet also. I am hoping we can gain more information from this specialist and feel more comfortable moving forward.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My sweet girl...

We are waiting on some test results for Abby. The Doctor called last night and said some preliminary results were concerning and the Lab Physician wanted to add some more tests onto what was already ordered.
We will now have to wait till Monday to get all the results back.
I am praying for total healing of her liver and body, and anything that may be attacking her organs. I am praying for knowledge as Nick and I choose Doctors and specialist. I am praying for a steady head to remain focused and positive.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The visit with my sister...

Isabella with straight hair and Anna bear.

Anna and Abby, they are so cute.

Isabella, Hailey and Anna. We are missing 2 in this one :)

The magic House construction crew.

This so so funny. Poor Sophia being squished.

Hailey look so happy to be holding her...sweet stuff.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sick Abby

My poor, poor baby.

It started out with stomach pain early Sunday morning and progressed to vomiting around 10 or 11am. We gave her 2 phenergan suppositories that did not work, around 7:30 I called the exchange at her pediatricians office and he advised us to take her to the ER. We got there at 8 and Abby was a big floppy mess. She was not talking, still dry heaving even though there was nothing left, slightly feverish, and non responsive. They started an IV right away and drew some blood. It took 3 times for the IV and she did not even cry, complain, fight back. They filled one of her hands with fluid by accident cause the IV didn't take. Finally once in she was receiving fluids. Some labs came back with some pretty awful numbers. Her white cells were 27,000. Her sugars were in the 20's and her bicarbonate and electrolyte's were at 7. They paused the IV and started pushing glucose to bring her sugar up and re started the IV after that was done. They decided to admit her at 10pm.
Once up on the pediatric floor they did the blood sugar again and it was still low so they did the glucose again.
Monday morning they drew all the labs again and her white cell was still the same and her bicarbonate and electrolyte went to 9 which was not a huge improvement nor within normal ranges. The doctor said she would not be leaving till they figure out what was going on.
Roto virus came back negative, along with strep, UTI, and bladder.
Nick stayed with her Monday night cause she wanted her daddy. Nick said the ER pediatric Doc came and visited and expressed her concern to Nick that she was worried about how quickly she got so sick. She mentioned things like autoimmune disorders, blood disorders, and metabolic disorders and wanted to make sure Nick discussed this with the regular ped in the morning. She said a normal child should not have had these types of blood results from less than 12 hours of vomiting. She said in the future if Abby is throwing up for more than half a day we are to go to the ER for hydration and that her body just couldn't tolerate any longer than that.
During the night I get these texts that make me laugh. from Nick

"Play by play, Abby's asleep, she starts to wake up doing the pee pee dance in bed, tries to get up...but oh wait it's to late! Pee all over the bed and the kicker all over daddy too. Dad half asleep tries to untangle the cords like an immunity challenge on Survivor and wins! Gets Abby to bathroom just in time before round 2. Nurses rush in to change bedding like a pit stop at a Nascar race. Dad digs through bag packed by mom, scores with an extra panty for Abby. Abby cries for princess pj's but settle for hospital garb."

"And were back. daddy begins to cuddle with Abby and oh wait...that's not Gatorade he feels, that's another round of pee all over bed and Daddy. Nothing left funny to say, I'm too tired, no boxers left, no panties for Abby. Now the nurse mentions pull ups."

"3rd times a charm. Wake up, warning, pee pee dance, made it to the potty. Thank goodness, because there are no clothes left for either of us. As for me freeballin"

I was humored and thankful it was him and not me.

Ok so the Doctor comes in the morning and said her Liver is enlarged and she could feel it through her stomach. She ordered an xray and some liver tests. She said the liver tests take about 2 days and that is her White cell count was down we could come home this afternoon. Now we are waiting for the xray results and the CBC results. Abby is gaining her strength back and eating and peeing again so there is no reason to hold us for some blood results. We are going to follow up with the ped in a few days and are also being referred to a Endocrinologist for further testing to find why the liver is so enlarged.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My sister is on her way...

with 2 girls in tow and I am sure she looks something like this right about now.

Now me on the other hand look something more like this.

I seriously can't wait and even offered to meet here somewhere in KY or TN to ease the burden of her drive...I am still waiting on this offer to be accepted or denied.

We decided to tell the girls that she was too sick to come and would not be able to make it, so they will be so shocked when she pulls up.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some extras...

I got the cutest little cards made with these 3 pictures in them, they turned out so nice.

Cute smile when Daddy walked in the room and started singing his song to her. This girl will be a sucker for her daddy.