Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another trip

I just returned from a very long and much needed trip to FL. The girls and I packed up the car and just left...all decided within a couple hours.
Our life has been anything BUT normal since moving here. Starting with my pregnancy, moving at 32 weeks. The complications that arose from that, starting with Sophia's NICU, trouble breathing, blood sugars, high CBC, 2 days of antibiotics, heart murmur. Then on to me, stroke in my eye, incision coming open. After returning home being very ill, having to go back in for IV fluids, then being dropped off on Christmas day alone at an ER while Nick came home with the 3 girls, blood pressure sky high, I was given pain med after pain med, my sister talking me though everything they were doing and ordering. Then being given a combination of meds to take the next week together, only to find out later (after not waking for 2 days) that those 2 meds should never be taken together and could be lethal.
April this year Abby got sick and had to be hospitalized and was diagnosed recently with Ketotic hypoglycemia, I am thankful it was not some of the more permanent things they were discussing, but none the less something that still needs to be monitored carefully, and could potentially be very dangerous.
Bella has had some very private things happen and she is now in counseling. Things that have rocked our family so hard we are unsure some days how to cope.
Sophia needs her eye surgery, which hopefully will be simple.
2 Fridays ago our dog scooter got sick, he was acting all funny and crying and not eating. I took him to the vet and they did some x-rays and see all these masses in his intestines that she believed to be cloth. He needed emergency surgery now and would not live 12 to 24 more hours. She gave us the option to put him to sleep, heavily sedate him and let him die at home or do this surgery. They surgery quote went up to 1900.00 dollars. Then he needed after care at an Animal Hospital which was going to be anywhere from 600 to 900 dollars. Just insane. We obviously did the surgery, we had the money and Scooter is not just a dog to us, but a family member. The girls would be devastated if anything happened to him. So they do they surgery and he ate a freakin bib...a whole bib...he chewed it and everything. Guess I now know where that one went. The cloth was acting as a barrier in his intestines not letting anything pass. He only weighs 7lbs so there was no way that thing was going anywhere. The worse part was she saved it for me to see...puke.
Nick goes to work the next Monday and was fired. Need I even say more. We uplifted our whole family for this company, the hell we have been through since living here. Nick had given every ounce of his being to this company. He on several occasions put this company ahead of our own family. He gave his heart and soul into everything he did. Our family and this Company Nick protected, their best interest was always put ahead and thought of before decisions were made. Then to fire him? Going on 9 years. Moving our family here, the sacrifices, personal and financial we made. The stress and pressure our marriage has endured since moving here are insurmountable. What our little girls have been through is not even fair. How could anyone treat someone like this. Seriously? I would not wish what we have been dealt on my worse enemy. The things we have been tested with.
SO I left, I packed up the girls and started driving on Tuesday June 30th and got to FL on Wed July 1st. I just had to get out of this house, out of this city.
Nick stayed behind with his mom. He had lots of things to take care of, and running away is not really his forte like mine is apparently :) While we were gone his mom fell in our laundry room and broke her wrist in 2 places I guess and needs surgery...tomorrow actually. Will this end.
I got back this Sunday July 12th in the wee house of the morning.
The girls were incredible on our little journey, they really were the best little travelers I could have ever asked for.
Now I am home and trying to get back to our new normal. Whatever that may be, I guess we will figure it out. We are going to be OK and we are not moving back to FL, we are holding on tight and trying our best to hold it together.

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Dani said...

wow Joani, you guys have been through so much. I SO hope it begins to get better. No more health issues and that your husband finds another job really fast. Thinking of you all!