Monday, December 29, 2008


Sophia Rielle

Born December 15th at 2:10pm
Weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 13oz.
21 and 3/4 inches long.

I really could not be more blessed, she is an amazing baby and is so calm and sweet.

Big sisters are thrilled and excited to finally have her home with us.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Magic House

This is the coolest place we have been to in a long time. Everything was for kids and right at their level and interactive. The kids had a great time shopping at the Market, making Pizza at the Restaurant, there were pulleys, fishing, a Bank with vaults, a Post Office complete with proper mailing. So much to do.

I will let the pictures do the talking.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


This is one sight I could sure get used to. The fall leaves here are beautiful. We were clearly not dressed for the chilly weather this very cold morning.

I am pretty sure you can see the cold in Isabella's face.

And some funnies...

Abby decorated Sophia with stickers while we were at the park.

Just for Nick...

You said you would never forget these words. So I took a picture to remind you that we will never pull a trailer of any sort again :) I am glad you don't have dreams of owning a boat.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

So many changes!!

I am not even certain where I left off. I feel like my life has been put on hold, and when it resumes I will feel better.

We have moved from Fl to MO. That in itself at a then 32 weeks pregnant was lots of fun. We spread the drive out into 3 days. Woohooooo. 2 kids, a dog, Nick and a very honery U-haul that we apparently didn't pack right. It was heavy at the tail, which is not a good thing at all. At one point during our trip I think the U-haul may have pulled up beside us...I began hyperventilating. The Tahoe was literally rocking from side to side. I don't think all 4 wheels were on the ground together. We were rocking so hard Bella hit her head on the window. The next 2 days of driving with this were nerve wrecking. I was a complete mess. I told Nick if it did it again...we were done. I was fully prepared to un-hitch it and leave it somewhere in another state and arrange some other form of transport. It was only carrying essentials that could not be shipped and stored and it could not have all possibly fit in the Tahoe.

Here we are safe and sound and totally cramped. We should be moving into our house December 1st, and I for one can't wait.

It is freezing cold here.
It is very windy, which makes the cold worse.
I do believe the sky is lower...I really do!
There are lots of corn fields (which I am learning to appreciate)
Wheat fields are in plenty also.
We have already had some light snow.
People don't come out when the weather is cold (except us)
I have yet to meet anyone (see above)
I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable (36 weeks now)
I can't wait to drive to Kansas City and spend Thanksgiving with my Grandparents and Aunt and cousins.
I am scared to drive to KC at 37 weeks.

I am sure there is more, maybe later.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kicked out...

Of dance class that is. Abigail was kicked out of dance for disrupting the class. She would not stop screaming and crying and kicking her feet. They escorted her out of the classroom and said she could rejoin after she calmed down.

Me...trying to be firm, decided that she would still sit in the waiting room and watch the class on the TV screen (they show live feed from inside the class) She wanted to leave so badly, but I made her stick with it and stay in there...I was feeling pretty darn good, Until she started asking questions.

The first question..."Hey mom do all those girls have Gina's?"

This is when I could feel the heat coming off of my face, my heart sped up and palms got sweaty and I could feel the stares upon me. That is when I decided I could totally play this off.

I reply with "Yes Abby, the Olympics were in China" I then decided staying any longer could further cause embarrassment on my behalf and we needed to go.

Abby has since been pulled out of dance class. I still had to pay for 2 months though.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The day Abigail trumped Bella

Isabella has always been fascinated by earrings. She longs for the day she is brave enough to do it.

Well that day came. She woke up one beautiful weekend morning and had decided that today was the day to get her ears pierced. Abby of course wanted to do it also. I warned Abby that it would be painful and it was a little needle gun that did the job. She did not understand, but still wanted it done.

Nick and I talked and decided that she did in fact seem sure she would do it (cause there was a false alarm trip in our past) and that today would be the day for her. We called our family and told them about it and they all cheered her on.

We get to the store and Isabella and Abigail pick out their earrings. Nick and I are certain at this point that when Abby see's Bella do it, she will no longer want to. We didn't put much in the fact Abby would.

So Isabella gets up there in the chair...they clean her ears...mark the spot, load the gun...wait did she just say load the gun?!? OK, MOM, DAD...never mind I don't want to do this anymore...I am thinking maybe when I am like 37 I will get my ears pierced. Yes, she actually said that.

Abigail is ready in line for her turn. Nick and I tell her it will hurt, there will be owies, a hole etc. She didn't care. She climbed in that chair so proudly. She smiled at Bella and said "wook Bewwa...I det my ears pierced" Sure enough she did it, and they had to do one at a time and she actually sat there for the second ear. So the outcome is this.

Abigail was so proud of herself. She has not stopped talking about her earrings. She compliments everyone that wears them on how beautiful theirs are. She never misses a pair of earrings in a store, person, my jewelry box. She picks out which earrings I will wear which day. The little peanut is in love with her earrings. She has taken care of them wonderfully, she cleans them, turns them, and tells me if her hair is stuck in them so I can carefully get it out.

Bella loves the fact that Abby did it, but is till set on 37 herself.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Character Counts

Isabella won an award at school. They are doing a different theme each week for Character Counts. The month of September was Fairness and she won. She was chosen by her Classmates and Teacher to receive this award. She was chosen based on her display of fairness to her classmates while at school.

I am beyond thrilled for her...wanna know why? This means no more of her saying "That's not fair" at home when I ask her to clean her room, and when she does I can gently remind her that she won an award for fairness so she must know that I am being fair.

It also means when she is mean or doesn't want to play with her sister, or passes off the "bad toy" to get Abby to leave her alone I can also gently remind her that she must know that is not "Fair". The Fairness award will go a long way in this house.

Congratulations Isabella.

May this award last you a lifetime of fairness lessons :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My cheerleader

Isabella started Cheerleading yesterday and it was nice and HOT!! Our practices are an hour before the games and it made for a long morning sitting in the sun.

She looks so cute.

The team name leaves a little to be desired. "The barbie Girls" but I didn't choose it sooooo..we are stuck. Isabella wanted the Butterflys or Lollipops.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

**The** Conversation

Abigail is such a sneaky little thing. She holds onto information that you don't think she ever listened to and uses it at such a strange time.

This is our conversation last week while sitting in the Parent pick up line at Isabella's school.

Abby: Mom, I talk to Gina!! (pronounces like China, but no C or H)

Me: Who is that?

Abby: Gina mommy, I talk to her!!

Me: Abby I have no idea who that is, where is she from?

Abby: Bewwa talk to her Gina!!

Me: Oh Bella knows her too...hmmmm, I still don't know who that is.

Abby: talk you Gina.

Me: Huh? Who is that?

Abby: (spreading her legs open) right her siwwy mommy...theres Gina.

Me: (mouth open...shocked) Oh, well lets talk about that later K...OK

For the record we don't talk to Gina's around here.

So, I have always heard you should teach your children the proper names for their private parts. I have read it on various sites, stating it will teach them not to be ashamed and to protect their bodies better. Well who wouldn't want that right...hello. Anyway, Abby had not reached the status of proper names yet...but Bella already had. We were driving in the car about 2 months ago and Bella was talking about the private parts and using proper names and I was none that wiser that Abby the little "ear hustler" that she is was soaking it all in, just waiting to catch me off guard...shock me...leave me wordless...laugh at my look of horror as I finally realized who or...WHAT Gina was. She wins. I am now wiser in the conversations and realize that *maybe* she is saving something real good for later.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

1st day of 1st grade!

I never thought of the day I would say that. I still have reservations about whether or not I really have an almost 7 year old. She started school a day late this year due to Fay, but I must say she has adjusted just fine coming back from Summer vacation. She loves her new Teacher Mrs. Bowling. She likes to come home and tell me who got in trouble or had to move their clips.

I think she also likes to torture me though. She will get in the car and I start in with the questions right normal and she will only give me pieces here and there. It is like she knows, and plans ahead for it :) She did the same thing in Kindergarten.

I went to dinner with a good friend last night and we ended up at a table with 7 other people (Japanese) and there was a little girl probably 8 months old and the family was saying how it was their first child, and grandchild, great grandchild. My friend told her to enjoy it while she is little cause they grow up so fast. I have never really understood that comment till most recently. I had strangers tell me that all the time when Isabella was little and most recently with Abigail. I understand it now, it is clear that my kids will grow up all too fast, way before I am ready, and I am going to enjoy them now.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Before we lose power again!!

It is actually getting really nasty outside now. Our power is surging like crazy, we have unplugged all the TV's and the desktop.

Here is a pregnant womans guide to getting through a Tropical storm/Hurricane. I am actually not a fan of M&M's, but the kids are.

This is the backyard, before the fence blew away.

This is the front garden, my poor plants were getting pretty beaten up.

I was trying to get a picture of the Palm trees, they were bending over blowing.

The rain is like a steady sheet across the window. The wind was blowing it all directions.

The kids were literally climbing the windows, looking for something to do.

Then they were both like..."Oh my goodness, look at this rain, it is like so big, it is out there"

Fay, Fay...Go away!!!

I don't like to be hovered over. Get moving girl!!

I also don't like that when you were teased about being weak, you took out our 6 foot privacy fence and blew it in my neighbors yard. Geez don't you know I like my privacy, hence the big wooden fence.

Upon further teasing of your stationary position, you decided to knock out our power. Next time, take it like a man. My girls are not big fans of getting heated...even though we live in Florida.

But alas the power failure lasted about 4 hours and FPL was on the ball. Now we shall wait for the "2nd half" of the storm which is expected to get "bad after the 8 o'clock hour"

I would also like to Thank my husband for throwing away all my candles that were in the hurricane bag in the garage.

You sure were proud that you cleaned our garage though weren't you.

And yes, I know there were leopard print candles in there, I have not displayed them since I was 19 and living in my own apartment. They were there for Emergency purposes only.

I am now thinking though, that I should buy one and display it on your night stand...for belly laughs only.

Pictures to come.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am a very smart girl...

My "save the Isabella journal posts" were for a good cause. You see, I know when my kids start showing an interest in something that will not be satisfied with a simple "that's not yours" or "please don't touch my stuff" and anything short of putting it away and forgetting myself where I put it, there is no solution to be found. (I know I am such the disciplinarian)

OK so it has been raining every day for about a week now. I look outside to see how the grass is loving the rain and over in the corner on a grilling table I see...."The Journal" I had already got my entries out and put them here, so no big deal really. Isabella had her own pages and pages of entries in there also. I have no idea when it made it's way out of the house and into the backyard, but I am so glad I got what I wanted out of it.

I had to laugh. There was nothing else to do.

You can still see my writing, but it is blurred and wet, and the pages are stuck together.

Monday, July 14, 2008

January 4th, 2007

*Save the Isabella Journal post*

You have been telling lies lately about things...some serious and some not so serious, but still lying to Daddy and I none the less. I got very frustrated and asked Daddy to have a firm conversation with you when he got home from work. So...he comes home and takes you right into your room, and I sit back and relax...and think for a moment... "he is in there setting you straight and I will not have to deal with the lies anymore cause he is solving that problem, Yeah baby I say to myself. Problemo solved, I should just call daddy at work more often and he can settle things when gets home"

SO, you come out of your room, and very seriously say to me "Mama...The truth with set me free" I immediately shoot the evil eye over to Nick and he has turned away cause he is laughing so hard. I could not help but to laugh also.
You have not lied again though, and I have also not called Nick at work and asked him to discipline when he gets home.


October 14th, 2006

*Save the Isabella Journal*

Tonight we are all sitting down at the table and you strike up a very funny conversation.

You start telling Daddy that you have a boyfriend. Daddy asks, who it is and you say "sire", then you tell daddy that Sire takes you to dinner and shopping at Target (that's my girl) and how much you like your boyfriend. Daddy then asks you if you have kissed him (cause he might just have to go find sire) You got the most serious look on you face and say. "No daddy, because if I kiss him I will fall in love with him, then you have to get married and have babies, and I don't want babies" That's my girl.
Nick and I had a good laugh.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

September 29th, 2006

*Saving the Isabella Journal post*

You asked me a very funny question today Isabella and here is our conversation:

Isabella: Mom, I am going to be 5 on December the 19 and I was wondering...Do 5 years olds still jump on the bed, or do they help their moms with the laundry?

Me: (holding back the laughter and thinking precisely how to answer so we can both benefit, I have alot of laundry you know) *In my best valley girl voice I say* They help their moms with the laundry.

You see we both won there, she laughed cause of how I talked when I answered the question, and I won cause she can help with laundry.

But really, you can jump on your bed till your heart is content.
I love you Angel baby.


September 6th 2006

*Saving the Isabella Journal post*

So apparently I am not so good at keeping this journal. Isabella you are such an incredible person. I fall in love with you over and over again each day. Your love for you sister is amazing.
You wake up every morning and just wait for her to start talking in the monitor so you can be the first to rush in to her and say " Good Morning beautiful Abba Dabba"

Abby was really fussy tonight and you were trying to console her, she was crying while I was trying to fix dinner and instead of getting aggravated with her, you told her how much you loved her and wanted a kiss, which she ever so generously gave you...snot, tears and all.

You also get your new teeth next week. Yippeeeee. I forget what you used to look like with teeth.

Love you baby.


September 19th 2005

I had originally started a journal that was hand written back in 05. I was really terrible at it, although I did get a few funny stories here and there. I had one for each of the girls.
A few *kids* in my house have decided to take Isabella's for their own and I need to save my funny stories from quick demise. I found a page in here that has a list of things we need to get done, or want done in our house. I will just was not in Isabella's handwriting. The whole back of the book is filled with colorful drawings, and little notes from a budding writer.
This is what happened on this day.

We pulled out of our sub-division today, only to realize there was a PGA (that does not sound right, almost like golf or something, but it is what I wrote so we'll stick with it) Bicycle tour race in progress. I had to drive around them a few times (2 lane road with no bike lane). This is our conversation.

Isabella: Why do you keep doing that?
Me: They are racing and I have to go around them.
Isabella: I think we should just run them over.
Me: *gasp* NO Isabella , they could die.
Isabella: Well they can just get new batteries after they die.
Me: Humans don't have batteries that can be replaced when they die honey.
Isabella: My toys do.
Me: Yes, Yes they do.

Kids think of the most simple things.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Let the fun begin!

Tonight, J and I will get a preview of life with 3 kids + 1 extra. Our nieces are here and they are having a sleepover with Isabella and Abigail. If bedtime hasn't been difficult enough with my girls lately, tonight should be quite interesting. This adventure better known as the Isabella, Hailey, Anna, and Abigail experiment has been conducted once before and the results were inconclusive as Hailey and Anna didn't make it through the night and thus were picked up by their mom and dad. Presently J is preparing all 4 girls + dog for a walk around the block, I am unable to attend due to prior teeth flossing scheduled for the exact time as their walk is set to begin, oh well maybe next time.

I think J is getting the blogging bug back now as she "claims" she will be updating later tonight. You know what they say, actions speak louder than words. Well, it's off to cleaning the kitchen, doing the dishes, scrubbing the toilets, whatever else needs to be done until I get the all clear that all 4 kids + dog have gone night night. Until next time...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready to Play

Lately, if you haven't noticed my wife has been slacking on updating her blog. There seem to be numerous excuses "oops I mean reasons" as to why. I constantly tell J she needs to update her blog, not only because it allows us the ability to look back at events and situations that occur during our life, but I love looking at and reading her updates because the main characters are my family and what better read can that be. The other day J came up with the idea of giving me the title of "Co-blogger" so I can assist in filling in materal during her "busy" time when she is unable to update. Therefore, moving forward I will from time to time help fill the daily or weekly gaps my lovely wife sometimes leaves behind. For now, I must get back to making "bookie," otherwise known as money to those who don't know Abigail. Until next time...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Angry Dwarf mode...ON

Abigail was high maintenance tonight. She took the dogs food and threw it all over my bedroom floor while I am trying to cook dinner. Isabella comes and tells me so I go in there and she is hiding. I tell her to pick it up, and she stays in there and just sits.

Nick came home from work to a war zone...for real. Food all over the floor, then he finds Abby in her bedroom (I am still cooking) she must have snuck out of the cleaning process in my bedroom, and she has put Balmex all over her dolls hair, her clothes are all over the floor from her dresser. She literally went from room to room and destroyed things.

Nick takes on the battle with Abby so I can finish cooking and I am so thankful for him. He had "little mommy" following him around, Abby giving him all she's got, the dog wanting his attention, and me telling him *maybe why* she is behaving the way she is.

Here's to better nights Nick

They have to fall asleep some time...right?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Abigail

Happy Birthday my sweet baby. You are not so much a baby anymore, but that is still what I say to you at night when I lay you down.

You love your BFF, or as you say it...your P-O-P.

Your favorite Princess right now.

You were so funny singing yourself Happy Birthday.

Bella helping out.

Taking a rest after everyone left. I think it so funny how their feet are the same and they are both zoning out on the TV with their chips. They had an exhausting day. You can also see a peak at our littlest baby behind the girls chairs. :)

Happy Birthday my love.