Sunday, September 28, 2008

Character Counts

Isabella won an award at school. They are doing a different theme each week for Character Counts. The month of September was Fairness and she won. She was chosen by her Classmates and Teacher to receive this award. She was chosen based on her display of fairness to her classmates while at school.

I am beyond thrilled for her...wanna know why? This means no more of her saying "That's not fair" at home when I ask her to clean her room, and when she does I can gently remind her that she won an award for fairness so she must know that I am being fair.

It also means when she is mean or doesn't want to play with her sister, or passes off the "bad toy" to get Abby to leave her alone I can also gently remind her that she must know that is not "Fair". The Fairness award will go a long way in this house.

Congratulations Isabella.

May this award last you a lifetime of fairness lessons :)

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Lisa said...

How wonderful! Yay Isabella!