Sunday, June 27, 2010

And the party pictures.

Abby chose to have her Birthday party at a water park.  We decided that was a GREAT idea, since last years party was a pool party at our house...whew that was some work.
What was really cool was that you could rent the water park after they closed and the only people there were the ones you invited, plus 2 lifeguards on duty to watch the kids.

Abby on the slide when we first got there.

We were all forced under the pavilion for the Thunder and Lightning to pass so we opened gifts and had our cupcakes while the storm passed.  I love Abby's face here, I wish I knew what she was opening...but Nick had the camera and didn't catch that part.

Ok, Bella's gift to Abby was complete with an empty water bottle that Bella had drank earlier than day, not sure why that was so funny, but it was.   Don't believe me...check out Bellas face in the background, that was the beginning of a full on laugh attack.

This picture is interesting to me cause 1: I look really tan. 2: I look really skinny. 3: My boobs look huge. and I can put this here cause Nick and my BFF Heather are the only ones who see this blog. Ha.

                                                                Just a silly Bella smile.

And I can't leave out a typical Sophia face.

Then me and this girl, may have gone down the *kiddie* water slide together and had a little crash at the bottom and we may or may not have both lost our bottoms a little bit.  

But that's just a maybe, so we will assume that we didn't do such a thing!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Abigail's 5th Birthday

Ok I think I finally have caught up on Birthday's...this is actually from this year :)

For my Abby girl,

The days pass before us and seem to go by so quickly, yet each day you make me find the time to see the beauty in who you are.  When you were a baby I would imagine what you would look like, what you would act like, the personality you would have, who would you favor, would you be social, or would you be shy.

You are a beautiful little lady of which I could never imagine life without.   You take a little bit to warm up to people you are not familiar with but once you out!  You are full of life and OH SO LOUD, you make sure you have the attention of the person you are speaking to or showing something to.  You have a very strong Jersey accent when you are passionate about what you are saying.   You will break out in uncontrollable belly laughs that will have those around you laughing too.  You love to cook, clean and help Mommy do things around the house.  You love playing with your sisters and giving Bella and Sophia hugs.  You love your Scoota boy and will carry him around the house sometimes (to his dislike) like he is your baby.   You are a Daddy's girl for sure, when he walks in the door you are his from that moment till bed time.  You ask me 1,356 times a day what time he will be home from work.  You often ask (every night) why we have to have to go sleep every single day, but truth be told you would never make it all night even if you tried.

Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet, zesty little girl.

Love, Mom


2009 was a year of many trials, many tears, many laughs and sweet cuddles, lots of emotions, plenty of illnesses, hospital stays, sleepless nights, an abundance of giggles and laughs, and always the comfort of each other which I am MOST thankful for.

I was looking forward to a year of less of a few of those and that has been true so far.   It has made us stronger as a family and made us appreciate one another, made us grow together, made us depend on the other for support, for love, and assurance.

Nick was my rock this past year and I am so Thankful we had the chance to grow together and connect in a way we never have before. I am Thankful he is my husband, Thankful he is my confidant, he can make me laugh, he is patient, he can put a smile on my face just by looking at me, Thankful he is the most wonderful father to our beautiful daughters, Thankful he understands me, is a hard worker, dedicated and driven, Thankful for who he is, and Thankful he completes who I am.

Our girls are growing into beautiful little ladies, and maturing in ways that amaze me. They make me laugh each day and my heart grows with love in amounts I could have never imagined.

I am so blessed to have my family.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Sophia

Such a joy to be around,  a love bug...not a cuddle bug, but definitely a love bug.  Just the best little girl, so laid back, calm, peaceful.  You have given us the easiest year.  We kept thinking at some point you would certainly start to give us trouble, but nope.  You are wonderful Sophia Rielle.  You brought in your 1 year at 21lbs, a head full of bright red hair, beautiful brown eyes, and the biggest smile that could make your heart melt in a second.  

You started walking at 9months and haven't stopped since.  You are a go, go , go girl like her mama. Anytime you are on the phone you automatically say "yaya" since your yaya gave you a little phone and taught you to say "hewoooo" over the Thanksgiving holiday.  

We are so thankful that you are ours.