Sunday, June 27, 2010

And the party pictures.

Abby chose to have her Birthday party at a water park.  We decided that was a GREAT idea, since last years party was a pool party at our house...whew that was some work.
What was really cool was that you could rent the water park after they closed and the only people there were the ones you invited, plus 2 lifeguards on duty to watch the kids.

Abby on the slide when we first got there.

We were all forced under the pavilion for the Thunder and Lightning to pass so we opened gifts and had our cupcakes while the storm passed.  I love Abby's face here, I wish I knew what she was opening...but Nick had the camera and didn't catch that part.

Ok, Bella's gift to Abby was complete with an empty water bottle that Bella had drank earlier than day, not sure why that was so funny, but it was.   Don't believe me...check out Bellas face in the background, that was the beginning of a full on laugh attack.

This picture is interesting to me cause 1: I look really tan. 2: I look really skinny. 3: My boobs look huge. and I can put this here cause Nick and my BFF Heather are the only ones who see this blog. Ha.

                                                                Just a silly Bella smile.

And I can't leave out a typical Sophia face.

Then me and this girl, may have gone down the *kiddie* water slide together and had a little crash at the bottom and we may or may not have both lost our bottoms a little bit.  

But that's just a maybe, so we will assume that we didn't do such a thing!

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Heather said...

1. You look extremely tan! You must be hanging out in the pool a lot this summer! 2. You ARE really skinny! 3. Your boobs ARE really big! :) The pictures are great! Happy Birthday Abby! She looks SO freaking cute in that white hoody thing!