Monday, June 14, 2010

Abigail's 5th Birthday

Ok I think I finally have caught up on Birthday's...this is actually from this year :)

For my Abby girl,

The days pass before us and seem to go by so quickly, yet each day you make me find the time to see the beauty in who you are.  When you were a baby I would imagine what you would look like, what you would act like, the personality you would have, who would you favor, would you be social, or would you be shy.

You are a beautiful little lady of which I could never imagine life without.   You take a little bit to warm up to people you are not familiar with but once you out!  You are full of life and OH SO LOUD, you make sure you have the attention of the person you are speaking to or showing something to.  You have a very strong Jersey accent when you are passionate about what you are saying.   You will break out in uncontrollable belly laughs that will have those around you laughing too.  You love to cook, clean and help Mommy do things around the house.  You love playing with your sisters and giving Bella and Sophia hugs.  You love your Scoota boy and will carry him around the house sometimes (to his dislike) like he is your baby.   You are a Daddy's girl for sure, when he walks in the door you are his from that moment till bed time.  You ask me 1,356 times a day what time he will be home from work.  You often ask (every night) why we have to have to go sleep every single day, but truth be told you would never make it all night even if you tried.

Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet, zesty little girl.

Love, Mom

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