Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Concert.

Isabella loved the concert. She said when the Jonas Brothers came out she "boo'd them, and was chanting Hannah, hannah" Of course she was probably the only one who boo'd the Jonas Brothers. Nick did not lose his mind driving that far and back in one night. He said Isabella was asleep about 3 min after they got in the car.
Nick said she really put on a great show, and the Jonas brothers also. Yea, so all in all, it was worth it.

She was belting it out with the best of em.

Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hannah Montana Concert

The hit Disney Channel show -- which stars 14-year-old Miley Cyrus and her country singer dad, Billy Ray Cyrus -- is about a teenage girl who's a typical high-schooler by day but has a secret pop-star alter ego by night.

The Jonas Brother will be opening for her.

Isabella could not be more excited about this concert. She fell asleep tonight so anxious for tomorrow night. Well actually it is tonight since it is after midnight here. Nick is taking her and he is just as excited I think. I gave my ticket up so another "Hannah fan" can enjoy it also. We were going to all go together but...after seeing how these tickets were sold out in about 3 min. I figured let another kid go and "Get the Best Of Both Worlds" (a song of hers).
I am still un-sure as to what the big deal is. For tickets to be sold for thousands of dollars is just in sane, and unfortunately it is at the kids expense. I know there are lots of parents who tried to get their children tickets and were unsuccessful. So of course they look at places like e-bay or Stub Hub and there lies that $65.00 Ticketmaster ticket...asking $4,000.00 for it. I just don't get it. Anyway, so I saw no sense in 2 adults taking 1 almost 6 year old to a kids concert. Have fun Nick. Now you will have 2 kids and probably singing on your way home "Everybody makes mistakes" haha (another Hannah song). Love ya babe. Not many men will take their little girls to a teeny bopper concert.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Zoo...

We have been to the zoo too many times to count, buy yet it still seems so new to the kids. They look at the animals, and play areas like they are all new things they are seeing for the first time. I love it. A beautiful day was a bonus.

Plus having some special one on one time with Meemaw is always a good thing. Isabella adores her Meemaw, Abby does also, but truth be told she is a Pawpaw's girl.

Isabella was tickled pink when I told her Meemaw was coming along on her day off.

You can get so close to the Giraffe's it is amazing. If you come during feeding time, they will let you hold your hand out with their favorite leaf branches, and eat right out of your hand. They will just mosey over and visit without food also. One downfall to being this close is the smell, Isabella's face pretty much says it all.

You can see the branch being held, and the giraffe eating it.

Isabella and I having a snuggle .

Here we were watching this cat pace back and forth very aggressively. I believe it was close to lunch time. Isabella kept asking about the safety of the fence, and if we could move on now.

Abby, the little stinker is such a fast mover. I can take 58 photos and expect for 3 of those to be decent. She was well on her way down in this one and you can see Isabella...the diva...still trying to hold her own pose, and hold onto Abby, and still all the while keep that "fake hurry the heck up" smile. Gotta love it.

They have the cutest carousel at the zoo and you of course choose an animal and get on.

Here is another classic example of Abby on the move, she was sitting next to Meemaw and when I was snapping away she ended up there.

A smile is all I ask for and she had that mastered.

Monday, November 12, 2007

On edge.

Boy oh Boy am I losing it...slowly. After some complications from my surgery last week I have been put on hormones. Massive doses. I am having some fierce mood swings. I am getting really bad headaches daily. I can't wait till this is over with. Just 2 more weeks I keep telling myself. We have had such a rough go at things lately with the girls and then Nick and I. Here is a list for memory purposes.

Abby had her fingers slammed in a door, her nail JUST fell off and I do not hear then end of it.
I have surgery on October 19
Very scary hemorrhaging from the surgery on Tuesday Nov. 6th I think.
The next day on the 7th Nick ends up in the ER with Kidney stones.
Abby gets Pink eye 2 days ago.
Isabella is congested and coughing this morning.

I just have to think how trivial our problems are compared to others. I need to constantly remind myself to stay calm and ask myself "will this matter in 10 years?" If the answer is No, well then I am choosing my battles carefully.
The girls are giving me "the business" lately and I am afraid I am not handling it how I normally would. I need a step back...or 10 steps back. I need a break. It is not their fault my body is jacked up on estrogen and progesterone, and my moods and being affected by it. I am normally so calm and give about 864 second chances, but not right now. Isabella notices the most. Of course Nick does too.
Nick and I had planned on a nice evening last night of just relaxing and talking after the kids went down to bed. Well I walked in the bedroom after the kids were knocked out to find Nick also knocked out. So what does a wife do when she sees this...well what any other normal, sane person would do. I painted his toenails bright pink. :) Fall asleep when we have plans again...? I think not.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Late Halloween

Boy am I a slacker lately. OK so Isabella was of course none other than "THE" Hannah Montana. Abigail was Minnie Mouse. Unfortunately I did not get any pics of Abby on my camera, as she was a very unruly mouse. I do believe my camera happy MIL has some though.

I will show her this pic when she is older and wants to dye her hair and straighten it. She refused to put her hair up underneath that wig. So her blonde locks were hanging out the whole time.

She of course ditched the wig about half way down the street. It was itching.

Now for the Grand Finale. Me and my sister dressed up as Red Necks... I had tattoo's drawn on and the "3" had to be one of them. On my other arm was a heart and a strip through it that said "I love Billy Joe". We both rocked the Mullets. "Business in the front and a party in the back." Canned beer was a must...and I have to admit that was not on hand and a friendly neighbor brought it out to us as a finishing touch. She ducked down in this pic, cause she said you always see pics where the husband is shorter than the wife. So here we are **Maxine & Billy Joe 4 eva baby**. Don't hate.

A small disclaimer: I meant in no way for this to offend anyone who naturally rocks the Mullet, drinks canned Miller Lite, wears overalls, no shoes, or who is named Maxine nor Billy Joe, has a "Dale Earnhardt Senior" tattoo permanently marking their body, or a heart with a loved ones name on it. Thankyouhaveaniceday.