Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Zoo...

We have been to the zoo too many times to count, buy yet it still seems so new to the kids. They look at the animals, and play areas like they are all new things they are seeing for the first time. I love it. A beautiful day was a bonus.

Plus having some special one on one time with Meemaw is always a good thing. Isabella adores her Meemaw, Abby does also, but truth be told she is a Pawpaw's girl.

Isabella was tickled pink when I told her Meemaw was coming along on her day off.

You can get so close to the Giraffe's it is amazing. If you come during feeding time, they will let you hold your hand out with their favorite leaf branches, and eat right out of your hand. They will just mosey over and visit without food also. One downfall to being this close is the smell, Isabella's face pretty much says it all.

You can see the branch being held, and the giraffe eating it.

Isabella and I having a snuggle .

Here we were watching this cat pace back and forth very aggressively. I believe it was close to lunch time. Isabella kept asking about the safety of the fence, and if we could move on now.

Abby, the little stinker is such a fast mover. I can take 58 photos and expect for 3 of those to be decent. She was well on her way down in this one and you can see Isabella...the diva...still trying to hold her own pose, and hold onto Abby, and still all the while keep that "fake hurry the heck up" smile. Gotta love it.

They have the cutest carousel at the zoo and you of course choose an animal and get on.

Here is another classic example of Abby on the move, she was sitting next to Meemaw and when I was snapping away she ended up there.

A smile is all I ask for and she had that mastered.

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Lisa said...

Cute pictures! I love the zoo but "up north" it's getting to cold to go & enjoy it!
I hope your Isabella has fun at the concert. My Goosey has just recently started talking about Hannah Montana...although I don't think she knows who she actually is!