Monday, November 12, 2007

On edge.

Boy oh Boy am I losing it...slowly. After some complications from my surgery last week I have been put on hormones. Massive doses. I am having some fierce mood swings. I am getting really bad headaches daily. I can't wait till this is over with. Just 2 more weeks I keep telling myself. We have had such a rough go at things lately with the girls and then Nick and I. Here is a list for memory purposes.

Abby had her fingers slammed in a door, her nail JUST fell off and I do not hear then end of it.
I have surgery on October 19
Very scary hemorrhaging from the surgery on Tuesday Nov. 6th I think.
The next day on the 7th Nick ends up in the ER with Kidney stones.
Abby gets Pink eye 2 days ago.
Isabella is congested and coughing this morning.

I just have to think how trivial our problems are compared to others. I need to constantly remind myself to stay calm and ask myself "will this matter in 10 years?" If the answer is No, well then I am choosing my battles carefully.
The girls are giving me "the business" lately and I am afraid I am not handling it how I normally would. I need a step back...or 10 steps back. I need a break. It is not their fault my body is jacked up on estrogen and progesterone, and my moods and being affected by it. I am normally so calm and give about 864 second chances, but not right now. Isabella notices the most. Of course Nick does too.
Nick and I had planned on a nice evening last night of just relaxing and talking after the kids went down to bed. Well I walked in the bedroom after the kids were knocked out to find Nick also knocked out. So what does a wife do when she sees this...well what any other normal, sane person would do. I painted his toenails bright pink. :) Fall asleep when we have plans again...? I think not.


Jess said...

I'm so sorry you have so much on your plate right now. You have every right to feel stressed out and even miserable!

Hang in there- we all have impatient days with our kids and you will make it through this tough time.

Lisa said...

Yuck - it sounds like life has been crazy for you! Here's to a peaceful week before thanksgiving filled with boring nothingness....nothing complicated!

Melissa said...

Oh Joani...I'm so sorry for all the Craziness. And I thought we were having a hard time (being the Poster Family of Illness)*see my blog for explanation* haha.

I so hope you and your family are getting better. I can't imagine trying to stay calm and rational amidst all your going through. Take care, I will be thinking of you guys.