Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Late Halloween

Boy am I a slacker lately. OK so Isabella was of course none other than "THE" Hannah Montana. Abigail was Minnie Mouse. Unfortunately I did not get any pics of Abby on my camera, as she was a very unruly mouse. I do believe my camera happy MIL has some though.

I will show her this pic when she is older and wants to dye her hair and straighten it. She refused to put her hair up underneath that wig. So her blonde locks were hanging out the whole time.

She of course ditched the wig about half way down the street. It was itching.

Now for the Grand Finale. Me and my sister dressed up as Red Necks... I had tattoo's drawn on and the "3" had to be one of them. On my other arm was a heart and a strip through it that said "I love Billy Joe". We both rocked the Mullets. "Business in the front and a party in the back." Canned beer was a must...and I have to admit that was not on hand and a friendly neighbor brought it out to us as a finishing touch. She ducked down in this pic, cause she said you always see pics where the husband is shorter than the wife. So here we are **Maxine & Billy Joe 4 eva baby**. Don't hate.

A small disclaimer: I meant in no way for this to offend anyone who naturally rocks the Mullet, drinks canned Miller Lite, wears overalls, no shoes, or who is named Maxine nor Billy Joe, has a "Dale Earnhardt Senior" tattoo permanently marking their body, or a heart with a loved ones name on it. Thankyouhaveaniceday.


Lisa said...

I'm a complete redneck & SO offended by your post :)
Just kidding - great costume :)

Kristi said...

LOVE your halloween pics girl... Those are awesome!

Melissa said...

OMGosh! You two so ROCKED IT! Your girls are adorable as ALWAYS! =)