Thursday, September 11, 2008

**The** Conversation

Abigail is such a sneaky little thing. She holds onto information that you don't think she ever listened to and uses it at such a strange time.

This is our conversation last week while sitting in the Parent pick up line at Isabella's school.

Abby: Mom, I talk to Gina!! (pronounces like China, but no C or H)

Me: Who is that?

Abby: Gina mommy, I talk to her!!

Me: Abby I have no idea who that is, where is she from?

Abby: Bewwa talk to her Gina!!

Me: Oh Bella knows her too...hmmmm, I still don't know who that is.

Abby: talk you Gina.

Me: Huh? Who is that?

Abby: (spreading her legs open) right her siwwy mommy...theres Gina.

Me: (mouth open...shocked) Oh, well lets talk about that later K...OK

For the record we don't talk to Gina's around here.

So, I have always heard you should teach your children the proper names for their private parts. I have read it on various sites, stating it will teach them not to be ashamed and to protect their bodies better. Well who wouldn't want that right...hello. Anyway, Abby had not reached the status of proper names yet...but Bella already had. We were driving in the car about 2 months ago and Bella was talking about the private parts and using proper names and I was none that wiser that Abby the little "ear hustler" that she is was soaking it all in, just waiting to catch me off guard...shock me...leave me wordless...laugh at my look of horror as I finally realized who or...WHAT Gina was. She wins. I am now wiser in the conversations and realize that *maybe* she is saving something real good for later.


Lisa said...

OMG - No advice on that one! Just laughter!

Dani said...

ha ha ha ha That is so funny!!