Saturday, August 30, 2008

1st day of 1st grade!

I never thought of the day I would say that. I still have reservations about whether or not I really have an almost 7 year old. She started school a day late this year due to Fay, but I must say she has adjusted just fine coming back from Summer vacation. She loves her new Teacher Mrs. Bowling. She likes to come home and tell me who got in trouble or had to move their clips.

I think she also likes to torture me though. She will get in the car and I start in with the questions right normal and she will only give me pieces here and there. It is like she knows, and plans ahead for it :) She did the same thing in Kindergarten.

I went to dinner with a good friend last night and we ended up at a table with 7 other people (Japanese) and there was a little girl probably 8 months old and the family was saying how it was their first child, and grandchild, great grandchild. My friend told her to enjoy it while she is little cause they grow up so fast. I have never really understood that comment till most recently. I had strangers tell me that all the time when Isabella was little and most recently with Abigail. I understand it now, it is clear that my kids will grow up all too fast, way before I am ready, and I am going to enjoy them now.

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Lisa said...

I'm with you - they do grow up way, way to fast!!!

Where are you moving? When? When is your due date again?