Thursday, August 21, 2008

Before we lose power again!!

It is actually getting really nasty outside now. Our power is surging like crazy, we have unplugged all the TV's and the desktop.

Here is a pregnant womans guide to getting through a Tropical storm/Hurricane. I am actually not a fan of M&M's, but the kids are.

This is the backyard, before the fence blew away.

This is the front garden, my poor plants were getting pretty beaten up.

I was trying to get a picture of the Palm trees, they were bending over blowing.

The rain is like a steady sheet across the window. The wind was blowing it all directions.

The kids were literally climbing the windows, looking for something to do.

Then they were both like..."Oh my goodness, look at this rain, it is like so big, it is out there"

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Jess said...

Hope things stayed nice and dry inside! The candy would certainly pull me through a bad storm, lol.