Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay, Fay...Go away!!!

I don't like to be hovered over. Get moving girl!!

I also don't like that when you were teased about being weak, you took out our 6 foot privacy fence and blew it in my neighbors yard. Geez don't you know I like my privacy, hence the big wooden fence.

Upon further teasing of your stationary position, you decided to knock out our power. Next time, take it like a man. My girls are not big fans of getting heated...even though we live in Florida.

But alas the power failure lasted about 4 hours and FPL was on the ball. Now we shall wait for the "2nd half" of the storm which is expected to get "bad after the 8 o'clock hour"

I would also like to Thank my husband for throwing away all my candles that were in the hurricane bag in the garage.

You sure were proud that you cleaned our garage though weren't you.

And yes, I know there were leopard print candles in there, I have not displayed them since I was 19 and living in my own apartment. They were there for Emergency purposes only.

I am now thinking though, that I should buy one and display it on your night stand...for belly laughs only.

Pictures to come.

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