Monday, July 14, 2008

January 4th, 2007

*Save the Isabella Journal post*

You have been telling lies lately about things...some serious and some not so serious, but still lying to Daddy and I none the less. I got very frustrated and asked Daddy to have a firm conversation with you when he got home from work. So...he comes home and takes you right into your room, and I sit back and relax...and think for a moment... "he is in there setting you straight and I will not have to deal with the lies anymore cause he is solving that problem, Yeah baby I say to myself. Problemo solved, I should just call daddy at work more often and he can settle things when gets home"

SO, you come out of your room, and very seriously say to me "Mama...The truth with set me free" I immediately shoot the evil eye over to Nick and he has turned away cause he is laughing so hard. I could not help but to laugh also.
You have not lied again though, and I have also not called Nick at work and asked him to discipline when he gets home.



Heather said...

Oh wow! Alot of new updates!!! I'm glad that Nick is regulating you now Joani & also helping with more updates. Now I have more entertaining things to read while i'm at work!!! :) I definitely remember some of these Bella stories, especially the kissing one! Too Cute!

Dani said...

LOL that is a pretty funny entry!

Lisa said...

Cute story! Don't you love the stuff that pops out of their mouths??