Saturday, November 22, 2008


This is one sight I could sure get used to. The fall leaves here are beautiful. We were clearly not dressed for the chilly weather this very cold morning.

I am pretty sure you can see the cold in Isabella's face.

And some funnies...

Abby decorated Sophia with stickers while we were at the park.


Heather said...

Oh it's so pretty there! I love these pictures. I can't wait to see some with snow in them!!! Look how PREGNANT you are!

diannie61 said...

Joani!!! MO??? As in, oh, shoot, what's the state with MO as the 2-letter abbreviation? Missouri???? What in Sam Hill are y'all doing up there??? Did Nick get another job? Transferred there, what's the scoop?

And you're having a girl? I lovvve the name Sophia. Give me details, woman! Due date, etc.


Lisa said...

It's warmer down where you are - be thankful for that!!!

Love your prego belly - can't wait to hear the baby news ;)

Dani said...

How beautiful it is there!! Your belly looks awesome. Perfectly round :)