Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Freezing in October

Oh, it is so cold here right now. The high today is 49. This is so weird to me to be cold at this time of year. I knew it was going to be getting cold soon, but I feel like we totally skipped the fall weather, or maybe this is fall weather :) not sure about that one. I have been reading that this will be a very cold and snowy winter. The girls will love that for sure. I got out all the scarves, gloves, hats, snow boots etc. from last year. Unfortunately, they no longer fit who they are supposed to fit, so a winter shopping trip is in our very near future.

I had the craziest, busiest day yesterday and had some thoughts that totally caught me off guard. I was non stop yesterday from the time my feet hit the floor. I was hope for maybe 30min total the entire day till 8pm and when I laid down last night thinking of how tired I was, I missed Sophia like crazy. I didn't get to hold her but for a few min, in between passing her off to other people (Mops, mimi, laying her down for a nap so I could run back out the door to take Abby to the doctor) and I was so sad that I didn't play with her at all yesterday, didn't get to see if she could take 5 steps instead of 4, didn't get to kiss her as much as usual, didn't cuddle with her, didn't lay on the floor while she climbed all over me. I know this is not the normal day for us, so not like it will be happening again soon, but still. I really truly missed her. SO much so, that I got my tired, exhausted, aching body out of bed and walked into her room so I could see her sleeping so peacefully one last time before I closed my own eyes. I was really surprised I felt this way after only a day of crazy chaos. I did vow to really and truly revel in her squishy, sweet babyness since this will be our last baby, so maybe missing a day of her set that off.

I have been busy making the girls Halloween costumes and they will be ready soon. I am so excited to have accomplished this and before the deadline.

Bella is doing so awesome in school and I am so proud of her, she is working so hard and it is showing in all her work. Our parent/teacher conference was awesome and she has all A's and 1 B. She loves Math, and Reading the most. She loves going to school and really looks up to the Teachers and staff there. I could not be more proud or happy for her. I think how fortunate we are to not be dealing with any issues with school work right now, or her hating to go to school, or just not applying herself how she should. I know there are many children who struggle with this and for that I am thankful.

Abby is still Abby. She has good days, bad days. She is my little strong minded, my way or no way child. She likes to put together puzzles, play hide and seek, her favorite number is 4 cause that's how old she is and will tell you in a minute, she also thinks she needs 4 of everything. Abby showed her very strong willed self off at the bust stop this morning. 30 something degrees outside 7am standing on the street corner with neighbors, Abby decides to take off the white jacket I gave her, throw it on the wet ground and proceed to stand there and scream about how cold she is while wearing a Miami Dolphins cheerleading outfit (and not the Midwest possibly warm version) I am talking the tank top/skirt version, while holding an umbrella and refusing to put the jacket back on. How hard is it to behave for 4min while we walk Bella to the bus stop. We have been talking and praying for the homeless adults and children lately at night and Abby is especially concerned for them. Asking how they eat, where they sleep, why they don't have a house, etc. So yesterday Abby decides she will ask Santa to bring her a Dora tent, with a blanket and pillow and she will give it to the kids who sleep outside so they can have a house. Then she goes "dat work mama right? Dose kids will weally like that huh?" She is so sweet and caring, when you catch her at the right time :)

Sophia is taking steps, and she has 2 teeth that are starting to come in...finally. Bella and Abby both got their first teeth at 6m and Soph just wants to take it at her own pace. She is all over the place, crawling, pulling up, taking a few steps before falling back, or sometimes forward. I was hoping she would not walk for a while longer and would stay little forever and ever, but I know that is not happening, plus with her bug sisters walking all around her, I knew it would be no time before she figured it out. Still taking 2 naps for the most part of a normal day. Sleeping through the night most of the time. Eating like crazy and just being happy and smiley and giving lots of kisses and raspberries to most people.

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Heather said...

Aww I miss you all so much!! The girls are growing up so fast. It's weird that they are getting older but we aren't! ;) Enjoy that precious baby while she's still little. You were definitely blessed with happy, content Sophia.