Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!

To the most amazing, dedicated, loving, caring father anyone could ask for.

You amaze me every day. The girls have your heart and their hearts are yours. I can't wait to see how your relationships strengthen as you grow together with our daughters. I know they will run to you when Mommy says no, kinda like they do now. I know they will want your protection at times and at other times I am sure they will think you are too strict and need to lighten up. They will probably not like either of us at some point in teen hood, but will always remember when you used to fly them to bed, the tickle monster, the synopsis on sports for each season, the never ending hugs and kisses, the little jokes we have, and the dates every month with special one on one daddy time. These are memories you are instilling in them, memories they will always have, moments of happiness.

Thank you, for being the father you are, the daddy-o, the play time super-hero. We love you.

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