Saturday, June 20, 2009

Memorial weekend trip to Atlanta...

Oh what fun we had.

It started out with an 8hr and 45 min car ride by myself to get there. It was pure bliss, seriously just me, Nicks car and an ipod. Wonderful. I have never taken off on my own this far and was a little apprehensive at first. This was a huge deal for me to do, it took alot of talking myself in to. Nick and I have always been together when we have traveled, and he has always been the one behind the wheel. I hate driving in unfamiliar places, and navigating my way around traffic in places I am not confident, now I am so confident, knowing I could drive a long distance by myself and actually find my way and not be scared.

Ok, so my actual purpose of driving to Atlanta was my cousin Patrick's wedding. My little sis Cris, and my BFF Heather were also meeting me there. They were driving up from FL and I was driving down from MO. Talk about excited, I was like a little kid in a candy store.

We all woke up very tired Saturday morning...not naming any names...but some of us didn't want to wake up at all *ahem*
We had breakfast and IHOP, which was not the easiest to find. We had the best server that any of us admittedly have ever had, he was so much fun, and I even asked if he could come home with me...jokingly of course, and he responded maybe a little to seriously with a yeah.
After breakfast we took a ride over to Urgent care, and deciding heather was in fact going to live, so we continued our day.

Saturday night we planned for dinner and drinks at Bahama Breeze, where I ate way too much. So yummy. My cousins met up with us and had some drinks and talked.

There was this *older* lady that was hilarious. She had no reservations about getting out on the dance floor. She was a little tipsy. She was very energetic. She was a little annoying to other guests, and was the topic of quite a few laughs...except Heather, she felt sorry for her. Anyway, here she is in the pink. At some point she got a hold of someones Boa and was wrapping it around random peoples necks and doing a semi dance for them...picture that.

Sunday was the wedding. It was in the afternoon and was a tad bit hot, reception following. The people making/preparing the food were a tidge questionable, so Heather, Cris and I skipped on that one, with a long ride of travel ahead of us for the next day, a stomach bug was the last thing we needed.

All in all a fantastic trip. I miss my BFF Heather, that was the first time we have seen each other in 8 months. Hopefully with her Brothers wedding and our trip were planning for Thanksgiving we will get together sooner.


Heather said...

Oh it was a fun trip! I'm so glad we were able to do that!! Except for the ticket I got, and you didn't get on the way home! ;) You didn't mention both of us getting pulled over at exactly the same time, in different states on the way home. I miss you and will definitely see you in September and am now excited for Thanksgiving!!! Love you!

Heather said...

One more thing...what about Crystal busting her you know what in the parking lot at the wedding reception! Classic!!! I'm still cracking up over that one.