Friday, August 28, 2009

Sophia 8 months

What a sweet baby you are. 20lbs 27in long and the fattest little thighs I have seen. You have started to army crawl, you are hesitant to go from sitting to crawling as I think you feel you will tip over and face plant on the rug...which has happened so the feeling is valid. You say "daddadadadadadada" but no sign of mama yet. You babble and squeal. You love peek a boo, patty cake, and "Sophie come out and play with me" You will flail those little arms at any sign of that song.
You are sleeping through the night and have been for some time now. You take 2 naps, one about 2 to 3 hours after you wake up and then another in the later afternoon for about 45min. You are a creature of comfort and love routine. You will only sleep in your crib and on 2 occasions have you fallen asleep elsewhere. Daddy says you fell asleep on his chest once a few months ago, but until I see proof we will count the 2 times you slept on the floor in the middle of playing. You have not been much of a sleeper on other people. You like and want your own space when sleeping and I can't blame you *ahem bella and abby, you hear that...mommy want her own space*
You smile at everyone especially men. You have a thing for their voices I would like to believe. You are so much fun and I am thankful everyday to have you as our daughter, to be blessed with such an easy going little girl, that just loves to have someone look at her and smile.
I love you soph, pebbles, nana, fifi.

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