Monday, May 18, 2009

Get away

With all that we have had going in the last few weeks we needed to get away. We have close friends that are like family in Cincinnati and decided to head out for a visit.
It was about a 6 hour drive on Mothers Day weekend, and it was the best drive ever. Sophia slept most of the way and was a dream baby. Bella and Abby were wonderful and so good. They watched movies and talked and relaxed. Nick and I talked and enjoyed each others company. We have had little to none alone time together since we moved here and it was almost like a date and we got a few hours in the car to talk and actually not be interrupted. We laughed, made jokes, and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.
The weekend was so nice as well. Even though the house was full, it reminded me of being home and having everyone around. The noise from all the kids was actually relaxing to me, I miss all the noise of my nieces and nephews, my sisters and brother in laws, my mom and dad. Every weekend in FL we had a BBQ and my house was filled with hustle and bustle, laughter, noise, children running and playing. I miss that and we got a small glimpse of what it used to be.
Dorothy and Blue were the best hosts and made us feel comfortable and at home. Being in their company is always fun, and full of good conversations. It was a long awaited visit coming, they have come to our house in FL a few times, we have met for vacations in Orlando for Disney, a cabin in the Smokey Mountains in TN, and we have yet to drive to Ohio to them. I loved seeing where they live and the area they are in.
I am so thankful to have real friends that are true to you and love you for who you are. There are few people like that and they are.

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