Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sick Abby

My poor, poor baby.

It started out with stomach pain early Sunday morning and progressed to vomiting around 10 or 11am. We gave her 2 phenergan suppositories that did not work, around 7:30 I called the exchange at her pediatricians office and he advised us to take her to the ER. We got there at 8 and Abby was a big floppy mess. She was not talking, still dry heaving even though there was nothing left, slightly feverish, and non responsive. They started an IV right away and drew some blood. It took 3 times for the IV and she did not even cry, complain, fight back. They filled one of her hands with fluid by accident cause the IV didn't take. Finally once in she was receiving fluids. Some labs came back with some pretty awful numbers. Her white cells were 27,000. Her sugars were in the 20's and her bicarbonate and electrolyte's were at 7. They paused the IV and started pushing glucose to bring her sugar up and re started the IV after that was done. They decided to admit her at 10pm.
Once up on the pediatric floor they did the blood sugar again and it was still low so they did the glucose again.
Monday morning they drew all the labs again and her white cell was still the same and her bicarbonate and electrolyte went to 9 which was not a huge improvement nor within normal ranges. The doctor said she would not be leaving till they figure out what was going on.
Roto virus came back negative, along with strep, UTI, and bladder.
Nick stayed with her Monday night cause she wanted her daddy. Nick said the ER pediatric Doc came and visited and expressed her concern to Nick that she was worried about how quickly she got so sick. She mentioned things like autoimmune disorders, blood disorders, and metabolic disorders and wanted to make sure Nick discussed this with the regular ped in the morning. She said a normal child should not have had these types of blood results from less than 12 hours of vomiting. She said in the future if Abby is throwing up for more than half a day we are to go to the ER for hydration and that her body just couldn't tolerate any longer than that.
During the night I get these texts that make me laugh. from Nick

"Play by play, Abby's asleep, she starts to wake up doing the pee pee dance in bed, tries to get up...but oh wait it's to late! Pee all over the bed and the kicker all over daddy too. Dad half asleep tries to untangle the cords like an immunity challenge on Survivor and wins! Gets Abby to bathroom just in time before round 2. Nurses rush in to change bedding like a pit stop at a Nascar race. Dad digs through bag packed by mom, scores with an extra panty for Abby. Abby cries for princess pj's but settle for hospital garb."

"And were back. daddy begins to cuddle with Abby and oh wait...that's not Gatorade he feels, that's another round of pee all over bed and Daddy. Nothing left funny to say, I'm too tired, no boxers left, no panties for Abby. Now the nurse mentions pull ups."

"3rd times a charm. Wake up, warning, pee pee dance, made it to the potty. Thank goodness, because there are no clothes left for either of us. As for me freeballin"

I was humored and thankful it was him and not me.

Ok so the Doctor comes in the morning and said her Liver is enlarged and she could feel it through her stomach. She ordered an xray and some liver tests. She said the liver tests take about 2 days and that is her White cell count was down we could come home this afternoon. Now we are waiting for the xray results and the CBC results. Abby is gaining her strength back and eating and peeing again so there is no reason to hold us for some blood results. We are going to follow up with the ped in a few days and are also being referred to a Endocrinologist for further testing to find why the liver is so enlarged.

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