Monday, September 7, 2009

Abby and the great Soccer adventure.

Seeing Abby play soccer is so fun for Nick and I. The best part is she is wearing shorts and a shirt, which never...and I mean never happens. She looks so freakin cute in her shorts and shin guards and her hair pulled back. She plays her little heart out. She runs after the ball and focuses so hard on getting it through the goal.
Can't you just see the determination in her eyes.
The focus of this girl, I tell ya!

Abby wants to be a chicken, Abby wants to be a duck...quack, quack, quack...

Ok, now were getting there baby. Go Abby go!!

You amaze us everyday Abby, and we could not be more proud of you.

She takes many breaks for a drink, but she needs the sugar while she is running for 1 hour non stop, so we don't say anything about that to her, and her coach understands she needs it.

Now I would not say she is without her moments of not paying attention, because clearly she is, but at 4, I think she has done incredible.

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