Monday, March 31, 2008

Four Random Facts about my kids.

I have been tagged by Jess

1) Isabella is incredibly sensitive. You have to be very careful when talking about things in front of her. We have to watch our choice of words when speaking to her. She is so concerned for everyone around her, constantly thinking about someone else. She has a heart of gold.

2) Abigail is Independent. She likes her space, and don't you dare come into it. There is only one exception to this that we have discovered and that is my Grandpa. My Dad's dad. Abigail does not leave him alone. She will NOT leave his side. I am not sure what the attraction is to him but she is enthralled and completely satisfied to follow him around all day. She just jabs the whole time too. She calls him "Gan-pa"

3) Isabella loves the outdoors. Riding her bike, scooter, playing in the sprinkler, drawing on the driveway with chalk, as long as it is outside she is happy. She also loves to set up lemonade stands. Which we only let her do once a year and that is at our community garage sale in April, and yes she is already planning how much to charge.

4) Abigail makes up her own names for things and although she knows the real names she still uses the ones she made up. For instance: Abby calls money "Bookie" When Abby wants you to rock her in her chair in her room she says "mom will you wee wock me" She is such a silly girl.

I am going to tag Kristi


Dani said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you two had a great day.

Jess said...

It is funny how siblings can be so different!

Vinho said...

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Dawn said...

Hi Joani,
Just wanted to say hi! Hope all is well.

-Dawn Weinberger

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.