Friday, September 7, 2007

Absolutely Posi-Pooply!!!

Isabella made silver star student of that day and was recognized by the Asst. principal. I was so very proud of her and I think it was a great boost of confidence. So what do most parents do when their children achieve something big at school?? Well of course we celebrated (I know it's the small things) we went out for Ice Cream after dinner. On the way home Nick asked Isabella how her Ice Cream was? and she responds with Absolutely Posi-pooply perfect. We laughed and laughed. She has the hardest time pronouncing some letters cause of the pito-partial connected on the roof of her mouth.
Here is my model :) anything to get her pic taken.
Since Bella has been in school Abigail has really expanded her vocab. I think it may be the peace we have been experiencing during the day and that one on one time with me. She really is transforming into a little toddler and less and less baby everyday. Potty training is a bust, all the things that have worked for Bella are NOT working for Abigail. She won't even tell me when she poops, she just walks by me and lets me get the drift of it, then I will ask her if she did so she can recognize it and she says "no" and runs. I think she is playing games with me. Oh well, I will know when she is ready, or so I am told. :)

Here is my jokester. She succeeds at making me laugh everyday.


JustJamie said...

That's great. And good for you for making such a big deal about it.

Kristi said...

That is awesome. Both your girls are getting to be such little ladies. I know what you mean about losing that babyness. Owen has also expanded his vocabulary in the last couple of weeks.
I think Abigail knows that she did something, but wants to have control over it which is why she is saying no. At least that is how it has been with my two boys.