Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sparkly Friday

Our entire day was dedicated to Hannah. Here are our sparkly's in photos.

Isabella has on a diamond sparkly necklace, she also wore hair bows to school for Hannah. She picked out her fancy skirt and shirt and wore pretty pink sandals.

My sparkle's today were actually quite simple, I wore my hair down. I put on makeup. I never do either anymore.
I wore some special flip flops that have a pink polka dot bow, with a green button with my first initial on them. I was "room mom" at Isabella's school and the kids loved it. I got a few stares from adults, but I didn't care.

My next sparkly is a ring that Isabella made me, I got LOTS of compliments on my ring :)

This balloon could not have been more perfect. I love that it had a frog on it and I LOVE the Lilly pad and Lilly at the bottom so much I took a separate picture.

Isabella picked this one out, it had butterfly's and flowers on it and she said Hannah would love to get this Balloon in heaven. Of course we had to have it.

This is the bouquet. Six Balloons total for Hannah.

Isabella changed quickly after I picked her up from school, she was so excited to put on her fancy duds that would otherwise be inappropriate for school. She was done up to the hilt (for a 5 year old of course) Makeup, high heels, hair in braids, fancy dress. I begged her to put on some leggings cause I could see her "fancy panties" also. She declined.

Isabella wrote Hannah a letter and drew her a picture. She completely understood what we were celebrating and was very sensitive to the occasion. She had seen me crying in July shortly after Hannah's accident and asked why I was crying? I explained to her, very child like that Hannah was an Angel now and was in heaven. She is much like me with her emotions, she is very caring, giving, and wants to know that everyone around her is OK. She has a heart of gold and sensitivity like no other. She did this letter on her own, no suggestion from me in any way. I came in the playroom and she had it clipped on here to send to her in heaven.

Isabella said the letter says "Dear Hannah I hope you like your balloon's. I know your dad and mom miss you and I think my mom does too. I drew a picture for you. Love Isabella"

Our beautiful flowers were sparkly's.

Getting these untangled once outside proved to be difficult. Look at Abby she has no idea we are about to let these balloon's go!

Here we go!

I knew she had no idea. I actually had to cut hers, cause she would NOT let it go.

The end to our sparkly night we thought of nothing better to do then drive into the "old city" and take a ride in a horse drawn carriage. Isabella and Abigail were excited, and I knew Hannah would approve.

They are so excited.

Here is our horse, his name is "put put" He was pretty slow, but that made in more enjoyable!

The whole carriage. The rain was coming in when we started our ride, but we asked for the top to be down so we could breathe the night in.

Poor man. I am sure he thought this would be a photo for a family album, maybe a "look at what we did last night".... never posted on the WWW. "Put Put" was giving him kisses after our ride and I snapped at a bad moment. Sorry!We took a short walk on the river and Abigail is showing off her new moves. "Hands in her pocket booty shake"

Isabella doing a fancy spin.

Abigail decided when we got home she wanted to dress up, she put on her fancy dress and trotted around the rest of the night.

Perhaps our most sparkly part of the day was a moment that was missed on camera. As Abigail and I were walking down the hallway into Isabella's school I noticed a a mass on the glass window to the side of us. As I looked that way I saw the largest tree frog I have ever seen. Upon closer inspection we could see his heartbeat, and Abigail was just fascinated. As soon as we got our look and turned to continue on our way, it jumped down and went on his way. I debated bringing my camera to the classroom, but being it was my first time being "room mom" I decided against it, regretfully so.


Jess said...

Wow, what a day! I love all the outfits and the balloons, the letter to Hannha-ALL of it!

Your girls are beautiful, Joani, and you are right, Hannah would have LOVED a horse dawn carriage ride!

Thank you for celebrating our sweet girl!

Kristi said...

I love your tribute to Hannah. Everything about it was very fancy!

JustJamie said...

WOW!!! Just awsome. What a great day. Love the shoes and the ring. Heck, love all of it. What an awsome way to celebrate.

Laci said...

How thoughtful of you guys! :) Very heartwarming

rachd said...

How in the *world* did I miss this, Joani?!?! Oh, My, Goodness! What a wonderful tribute to the Monk!

Oh, what fun times you all had! Thank you for having such a grand time in the Monkey's honor! :o)