Friday, May 23, 2008

All day sickness...

Healing Properties: Aids conception and pregnancy. Supports pregnancy, giving birth, and the new infant; eases morning sickness, eases fear of becoming a mother and fear of delivery.
Sickness has become a daily thing for me. I have tried it all too. I have done the crackers before you get our of bed, frozen Gatorade (which is good no matter what), phenergan, ginger snaps, real ginger, frequent small meals. Nothing gives. I am so nauseous I could get sick at any moment if I allowed myself to. I hope the second trimester brings an ease to these ailments. I wonder if these bracelets really work?
Which leads me to believe it is a boy...I have so many symptoms with this pregnancy that I never had with the girls. We have decided to NOT find out what we are having this time, Nick and I both know this will be our last pregnancy and we want to have the surprise of our lives. We would be happy either way, boy or girl it would not make a difference. We will do a gender neutral room and accessories and add detailed stuff once he or she arrives.
The girls are really excited. Isabella often says how she will rock him, and hold him, and change diapers (and Que laughing by her) and she says how she will do whatever the baby wants her to do. Abigail on the other hand does not remember I'm pregnant unless someone reminds her, which is fine by me.
I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of this child, it is such a blessing for Nick and I and we are beyond thrilled...even in between the sickness and aches and pains.


Kristi said...

Awww...I hope you feel better soon. Actually I was sick as a dog with Gavin(vomited several times a day, went from the bed to the couch for months). Thank goodness I was on summer break(I taught back then). With Owen and Emma Kate, I was not really sick at all. Basically identical pregnancies. Imagine my shock!!!!!
I think it is so cool that you aren't finding out, but it also sucks to be me. I am impatient! LOL

Lisa said...

Morning sickness sounds horrible. Here's hoping for a less-queasy second trimester!!!

PS - So with you on the 3rd. We found out with both girls, but if we do #3, we're going to let it be a surprise. For all those crazies that say "Don't you want a boy?"....who cares as long as it's healthy!

Sara said...

Did you order the bracelet? I've only been really sick for a couple of days now but I could just cry thinking about feeling this way for 2-3 more months.