Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas 2009

Every year we have a little tradition we do.  We let the girls open 1 gift on Christmas Eve, but the gift is always the same, pj's.  They get to wear them to bed and wake up in the morning to open presents in them.  


I guess the slacker in me is getting what I deserve, cause I thought by starting a post on the same day I wanted that post to be would be sufficient, even though I never actually ever published it...or finished it either, but that doesn't matter.  Just knowing I could start it, come back to it later and finish it would work good, but not so much.  The Mocha post was started in Sept of last year :)
Ok, so on to Christmas.  We had snow on Christmas, which I know alot of people wish for.  It wasn't much, but enough to make it beautiful and white outside.   The girls were really into it this year.  I  think this will be the last year Bella believes in Santa.  We had a whole discussion a few months ago when we were busted with the Tooth Fairy and bella said "hmmmm what else can I ask you about that's not real"  then came the Santa question, we were honest, told her the whole Santa/Saint Nick story and explained everything.  Sometime between then and Christmas she forgot all about it.  I told Nick at one point I thought she was trying to trick us.  It was like we never had "the talk", just vanished.

Bella says these are her Lucky jammers, cause she always gets what she wanted when she wears them.  I need to make a mental note to tell her NO the next time she wears them and asks for something.

Opening the Race Track from Pawpaw and Meemaw.  Check out Abby's face. 

Opening presents.

Sophia was so freaked out by that little Pluto dog thingy.  It has a remote and walks and barks and wags his tail and she ran screaming stomping her feet to get away.  I had a little fun chasing her a few times and then it was back to the twist ties and opening of packages.

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