Friday, January 29, 2010

Mocha, Moocha, Muucka...and Isabella

Oh boy, Isabella wanted a Mocha from McDonald's so bad.  I mean really, really really wanted a coffee from there. She came up with so many different ways to say Mocha, always got it wrong, would come out one way and she would try to correct herself with another way.  Her friend Claira has had a few and raved to her about how good it is, and how adults have coffee, and how she gets it sometimes on the days when it is free.  
We tried to talk her out of it... for weeks.  Every week on Mocha Monday Bella would beg, plead, cry, whine, get on her knees and say how much she would love it and how good it must be.  How she would drink the whole thing and how happy it would make her...sooooo we caved.  Nick and knew she would not like it, we tried telling her that...she does not exactly have a taste for things new should I say, she likes what she is used to and not really willing to try different.  
The drink was bought, (not on a Monday) and she HATED it.  Nick said she had to drink the whole thing since she begged so hard for it for so long, the look on her face said it all.  She was not impressed and then questioned why people drink that stuff.  

So here is my tribute to Mocha Monday!!

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