Monday, December 24, 2007

Birthday Pics

Happy Birthday My sweet Princess.

Isabella's Birthday was so much fun. We went to Libby Lu's and they really made it special.

Such a big girl she is now, I can't believe it. She had 7 girls come, and this was the first year she invited actual friends. Previous years it was cousins and more co-ed friendly. We have had parties at Adventure Landing, parties involving Clowns (and not good ones either), we have had parties all over the place. But this was different than any other. It was girls only, and custom planned for the Birthday Girl.

They did hair and make-up. They painted the girls nails and then sprayed it with glitter. They got to choose a dress up outfit. When choosing your hairstyle it also came with a hair accessory. Too cute.

This is Grace Olivia, my sisters daughter, and she is super saucy :) Love her

A girl and her Daddy!

After getting all dolled up, they put on a lip singing concert to none other than Hannah Montana. The girls took turns dancing in the middle and everyone else had to copy them.

Afterwards it was on to to dinner, we had Pizza and soda, and of course cake. Actually it was cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Angel baby!

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Jess said...

That party looks like SO much fun! What a great way to introduce your daughter to the fun of a "girl's night out".

Merry Christmas, I hope you guys had a really wonderful holiday.