Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sickness x 4

Isabella started the whole thing :) She got sick with this yucky virus and was vomiting for 2 days. It was mainly at night and she spiked a fever at the end. She was pretty easy to take care of. She made it to the bathroom, layed down when I told her to rest. When I would say no food or drink she understood. Pretty easy.

Three days later Abigail started vomiting. Hers started in the afternoon, but then quickly got on track to nights only. Like midnight only. Nick and I were getting up at midnight for 2 nights and giving her baths, washing her hair, blow drying it (can't go to bed sick with wet hair to boot), changing sheets. Well as you can imagine, at that point she was wide awake. Not happy by any means, but definitely not tired. Nick would decide each night that he would take this chance to cuddle our other wise independent non cuddly child. So off he went for 2 nights into the guest bedroom to sleep with her. I have to say that is the first time in that child's 2 and a half years of life that she has slept with anyone. Fine with me though, I get enough demands from her saying "hole choooo meeeee" (I think she is trying to say "Hold you me?") all day to last for a while. I would mosey back to bed and go to sleep.

So New Years Day Nick had a headache, which is not unusual for him. We went to Breakfast, took the girls to the park, then headed back home. He layed down and there he stayed. He was feeling nauseous, headache, just needed to sleep. The girls and I headed off to my sisters to dinner (black eyes peas, collard greens, ribs and chicken), we left Nick at home to rest. My Brother in Law Danny asked me when we got there where Nick was. I said at home, he is not feeling well, he may be getting what the girls had. I then proceeded to say " I never get sick, I haven't had a fever in years, haven't thrown up in years, everyone always gets it but me". When we got home I got the girls in bed. Nick was looking worse and worse as time went on. I decided it would be best that I take up camp in the guest room for the night. There was no way I could sleep in our room with him if he had something contagious. Into the night I kept periodically getting up to check on Nick, get him water, phenergan, washcloth, whatever he needed as he rid this virus from his body. Around 4 am, as I lay back down I get this queasy feeling...I think to myself "please NO, I never get sick" sure enough the vomiting bug has found it's way into my body. I say screw it, if I am going to be sick...I am going to lay in a bed I am comfortable in and be sick.
Nick and I woke up in the morning and in the world are we going to take care of these girls like this. I mean I could not even hardly move, Nick was slightly more agile than me but not by much. Isabella was of course understanding. Abigail on the other hand... not so much, it was just another day in her life. I called around a little and no one could help out. Isabella kept calling her Mimi (my mother in law) on her new phone and giving updates. I am sure they went something like this " Hey Mimi...whatcha doin? Mom just threw up again...can you come get me? Guess what phone I'm callin ya from? Yep Hannah Montana...Okay Bye" next call "Hey Mimi...Whatcha doin? Dad is throwing up too. Abby really wants you mimi...when do you get off...I am so bored and I wanna get outta this house mimi, I don't wanna be sick again...Please Mimi. Guess what phone I'm callin ya from? Yep, Hannah Montana. Bye Mimi." I guess at some point Mimi started feeling really bad and got off work around noon and came and got the girls. She kept them both till around 6:30 and I swear Nick and I slept the entire time. Matter of fact Nick started feeling a bit better and got up to get them ready for bed and I stayed in bed. I started running a fever of 102 and did not move till about 7am this morning.
What a weird virus that was. Nick and I have never been sick like that at the same time as each other, and we never want to be again.
I think it was the inevitable, we were going to get it no matter what and it just so happened to be on the same night. I was just about 6 hours behind Nick.

We had a wonderful Christmas...and an incredible New Years. I have the funniest pics from New Years. Tomorrow hopefully :)


Lisa said...

Wowzers....that stinks. Glad you're feeling better!!!

diannie61 said...

Glad to hear everyone is finally feeling better! I remember saying the same thing as you - I never get sick - and ended up in bed for 2 days!

Miss you!

Melissa said...

Oh Girl...I can relate more than you know! We had the same exact scenerio here. Brad, Alyssa, Sierra, and myself all within a 4 hr window. Paige's lasted 4 days (she kicked it off to the rest of us). Thankfully Kayla and Megan never got it. I so hope you guys are doing much much better.

I just called Tib and asked her if Utah was overwhelmed by the Stomach virus/Cold Flu epidemic like California Sorry to hear it reached you guys as well. Take care.

Kristi said...

Well, I am so glad you are feeling better. I couldn't help myself from laughing at Isabella calling her Mimi.