Sunday, January 20, 2008

Go ask your dad...

I swear I have said this a million times this weekend. When Nick is home I just love to send the girls to him with their silly questions. Ones that I answer 100x a day. I just need to not think sometimes and veg out. This weekend was one of them. I think Nick caught on today.

Isabella: Mom, can I please go to Libby Lu's and get a Hannah Montana make-over again? I promise to take care of the wig this time.
Me: Go ask your dad.

Abigail: Mommy, where my shooooes at?
Me: Go ask your dad

Isabella: Mom, can I have a sleep over? I wanna invite 4 girls from school, well actually I already invited them. They said to give them an invitation, and were gonna have pizza, and ice cream, and were going to have a girls club that is only for girls, and watch Hannah Montana, and dance in my room. NO adults will be invited to my sleep over.
Me: Go ask your dad? Is this really a question. I mean it sounds as though she has it all planned out.

Abigail: Mommy, I hunggggyyyyyy.....
Me: Go TELL your dad.

You get the point. So this all comes back on me.

Isabella comes to me and says...

Isabella: Mom, Dad said I can go to Libby Lu's this week.
Me: OH really is he gonna take you?
Isabella: No, he said you would.
Me: Oh he did huh.

Abigail: Mom, daayeeee say shooess in car, go outthide.
Me: OK Abigail lets get your shoes.

Isabella: Mom, Dad said I can have a sleep over.
Me: Really Isabella? With all 4 girls?
Isabella: Yeah mom, he said anytime I wanted to do it.
Me: Wow that was awfully nice of him. Remind me when it is again, so I can make sure to have a girls night out... all night :)
I mean 5 girls (total) that is alot of little 5/6 year olds running around my house. See ya!

Smart man he is.


Dani said...

Ha ha! Hilarious!

Jess said...

I hope you update on the sleep over after it happens!

Joani said...

Oh I will :)

Lisa said...

That's pretty funny!

Allison said...

that is too funny, sometimes I send Nolan over to Aaron when he's driving me batty... I'll tell him "go tell Daddy about your tow truck" and he'll got find aaron, and then forget to tell him anything and just drive him batty instead, lol.