Saturday, January 26, 2008

North Carolina

Nick and I made a pact with each other that we would take the kids to see snow this year. We have done this in all the years previous and some how Disney World seemed to suffice each time. This year *I* was more adamant about wanting to go too. I really wanted to go tubing and just be in cold weather in general. We usually take a yearly trip up to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, but this year decided to do something different.

My parents made the trip with us in a separate vehicle. They were making a stop in VA first to drop off some stuff at their vacation house. We split our drive on the way there so it wasn't so hard on the kids. We made it to Asheville, NC and stayed in a Hotel. We woke up leisurely on Friday morning and made our 2 hour trek to the cabin. I have to say splitting it up was nice, but getting back on the road for 2 more hours sucked. For me and the girls. Isabella's famous lines were of course " are we there much longer...this is taking forever". Over all the girls were really good. They watched movies, we danced, sang songs.

We arrived at the cabin and it was beautiful, up a steep mountain (which is my least favorite about getting there). The first thing we did was get into the Jacuzzi. My parents were about 4 hours behind us and we just lounged around and waited for them.

Me and the girls went out on the back porch for a quick swing. It was so cold, and we were all sharing a Dora blanket.

The master bedroom had a HUGE bathtub in it, like for 6 people. I swear the water runs different in NC than in FL cause Abby was enamored with the flow. Excuse the messy face.

We headed up to Hawksnest Mountain and went tubing. It was so much fun. Isabella loved the snow.

The "Angry Dwarf" was not so much impressed. She kept saying "I go in my carseat"

The many faces of Bella. She may or may not have just eaten some snow here :)

Abby was trying to hide her smile here...haha. She did refuse to wear a jacket for a little bit. She had on 3 shirts though so she was OK for a while.

Abby did warm up to the snow the next morning....briefly looked at it, touched it and went back inside.

I am not for certain who that is on that little tube down there, but I am sure it is someone from my family. Abby was not allowed on the tubes cause she was not 3. I really thought they were OVER priced too. It was $75.00 for 3 of us and we had a time frame that lasted for 1 hour and 45 min. Kinda silly huh.

The next morning we went for a hike up to Linville falls and it was breathtakingly beautiful. Poor Nick had to carry Abby the whole way up and down. She was being very cantankerous.

The loves of my life.

This is Randall and McNally. The *earned* these names too. Even with the help of a map and GPS they still managed to get us lost.

Our cabin. It was 3 stories and so comfortable. There was so much room for everyone and we never got in eachothers way . We will be back.


Heather said...

It looks like ya'll had a great time! The snow looks beautiful!!!!

Lisa said...

Looks like a great time :) We used to live in Hickory - not far from where you were! I'm glad you enjoyed the cold...but FYI - NC really isn't ever THAT cold :)

Joani said...

Lisa, When is it cold enough to snow, it is that cold for me. Coming from FL anything under 50 is cold. :)

Laci said...

Wonderful pictures! :)

Dani said...

How fun! Your girls are so beautiful!

Jess said...

What a nice trip!