Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catchin' up...

The time has flown and Nick is reminding me to blog.

Our Christmas was wonderful. I think the kids really understood it more this year. I was excited cause Isabella was at an age that she took everything in and wanted to give more than receive. Here are a few shots.

So cute

That pink Teddy Abigail is holding Isabella bought for her at the school Christmas gift shop. Abby is in LOVE with this thing. She has to have it for bed, when she is hurt, sleepy...etc. She has never gotten attached to more than a blanket and every day she says "where my teddy?". I think it is so cute and it thrills Isabella to no end that Abby's favorite toy is what she bought her with her own money.

We stayed home this year for the first time and cooked. We usually go between Mimi's and my parents house. I have to say it was a bit boring and mundane staying at home. I just love the noise and tons of family around and the movement of houses. I actually missed that. Nick I am sure will disagree with me on this. We still had my parents and sisters and their children over our house to open gifts and have a small lunch, but it was just not the same for me.

Here is a shot of all the kids. There are 7 total. You see Abby trying to bail out of the picture. They are in order of oldest to youngest. There is Christian who is 12, Isabella 6, Gabriel 5, Hailey 4, Grace 3, Anna 2 and a half, and Abby 2 and a half...but 5 weeks younger than Anna.

All in all it was a nice relaxing day, I think I even got a nap in...which has never happened before.

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Kristi said...

Go Nick, I have been waiting for an update as well.
It is so sweet that Abby's favorite gift was from Bella. I just love that!