Sunday, October 14, 2007

I guess that OLD saying....

When it rains it pours....stands true.

It all starts with Nick being out of town (in Washington DC this time, cause if something is going to go wrong it happens then.) I asked my sister to bring me some Benadryl for Isabella, she had some bug bites from the playground at school, and she is also allergic to grass (just itchy allergic). So me and the girls had our baths and showers and I just really didn't feel like going out. She comes over and the kids (hers and mine) start running around the front yard. Long story sisters little girl shut Abby's hand in the car door. Lindsay immediately runs over and opens the door to get her hand out and she is bleeding....which Isabella notices right away. Lindsay is running in the house with Abby, I am already in the kitchen getting ice, and Isabella is freaking out screaming "my sister, my sister...oh my goodness, oh my goodness" She kept saying "I'm so scared for her" over and over. She runs off and hides.

Abigail's thumb starts swelling really quickly and she is of course hysterical. I am trying to get her to calm down and my sister is looking it over. I all of a sudden begin to feel light headed, dizzy, clampy, weak.....yep, I was about to pass out. I go to sit down with Abby, she only wants me, and begin to feel better. My sister is an RN so she was just fine. Her finger is still bleeding and filling with blood now. Lindsay tells me I should go to the ER to make sure there is not a break and to look at the pressure building up in her thumb. Isabella comes out of hiding holding a orange crayon and this is what she says "mom I am so scared for my sister, I was hiding in her closet and I wrote on the wall everything I love about her" I felt so bad for her, but I could not admire her artwork at that exact moment, nor did I care to check the damage :) She decided she did not want to go with me and instead took off with Lindsay.

The next morning, she is having Pancakes.

In the ER Abby cried for hours, as I sit with her by myself. It was pretty busy, and showed no signs of letting up. I drove to the closest hospital which does not specialize in peds. We eventually got called back for an X-ray and then back out to the waiting room. A few hours later they called us back and the Doc said there was no break or fracture. Great news. He said what concerned him more was the swelling, he said her finger was bleeding internally and there was no more space to expand. He wanted to make an incision to relieve the pressure, but said not tonight cause it would bleed and bleed. They cleaned her hand , and then he wrapped it like a boxing glove to protect it and sent us on our way. So a check-up was in order with our pediatrician the next day.

My pediatrician said she is so happy he did not cut her finger. She said alot of times ER docs that are not affiliated with children are unsure as to what action is best. Anyway her finger is doing better now.
Later that night she starts running a fever and is just overall cranky. I was not sure if it could be from an infection in her finger, or the start to an illness....we WERE in the germ infested ER after all.

Nick got home on Thurs night (actually at like 1am Friday morning) I just sort of watched it the next few days and it is not really letting up. Then Isabella starts running a fever. So we decided today we needed to bring them in (our ped is open all weekend, I love them for that alone) they were both congested and coughing, runny noses. You know your basic cold. Well not so much. Abigail has a double ear infection, and sinusitis. Isabella has blood and white cells in her urine. They had to send hers out for a culture to find the exact cause, which could range from a Kidney infection to a UTI. They are both on antibiotics now. Who knew, I mean Isabella was not even complaining of anything. Abigail was sleeping fine, and never so much as tugged at her ears. She has tubes in there too.
OK now onto me. I am having some of the same symptoms, minus the fever. I have sore throat, congestion, coughing, sneezing. I have my Pre-Op appt. tomorrow morning and I am thinking the doctor will want to cancel my surgery. I am sure he will not want to put me under, when I can barely breathe. I am using my inhaler utleast 2x a day right now. I have to say if he does this, it will relieve some stresses I am having about it. I will also be disappointed in the same breath. Nick has a planned trip to San Francisco the week after my surgery and I have been stressing out about that. You know like will I be 100% enough to do 24/7 with the kids, bedtime baths, cooking...etc. I know he feels terrible and offered to do anything he could to make me comfortable while he was gone. I am sure I will be fine, there is just that "what if" in the back of my mind. IS 5 days after surgery enough time to feel good?
You know when you were little and sick, and all you wanted was your mom? (That's how I was anyway) and she is the only one you trusted to care for you, and you knew she loved you so much and would do anything to make you feel good, and stayed by your side? That is how I feel about Nick, I just want him with me. Besides my mom and dad are in VA at their vacation house. Maybe I am being selfish about the whole thing.
Oh man it is late, what a depressing blog this was.

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Lisa said...

What a crappy day! I hope both you & the kiddos get to geeling better & your surgery goes as planned.
Thank you for the prayers for my FIL!