Monday, October 15, 2007

Pre-Op went well.

I had my Pre-Op today and everything went well. The Doctor just went over everything with me and explained all the risks, and dangers associated with surgery. You know the stuff you never wanna hear about. I told him I was sick and he said as long as it does not turn into a Upper Respiratory infection I should be fine. He said the Anesthesiologist (Sp?) will be with me 45 min prior to surgery and if he feels it is un safe the surgery will be canceled. That's makes me feel better. I am not sure if I am getting better or worse, hopefully better.

I also went and pre-registered at the hospital and they did blood work, including a CBC and a HCG Quantitative. I am assuming they want to check for bacteria and pregnancy before the surgery. The latter of those 2 would be nice, it would give us what we have been wanting and also eliminate the need for surgery right now. I know this is extremely unlikely though, so I can't get my hopes up.


Kristi said...

That is awesome, Joani. I am praying that you are on your way to a BFP!!!

Lisa said... glad things went well! I'll be going through it also in 3 days. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the surgery goes just as well...and you get the results you want!