Sunday, October 21, 2007


We went to the Pumpkin Patch this morning. I wish it was more Fall like here so they could dress in cute little warm outfits. No such luck though.

We decided this year we are not going to do carving, it is tedious and just a pain in the booty. We found the cutest Mr. Potato head pieces for pumpkins at Target this year and decided to use those. Isabella (rightfully so) got the Diva pumpkin. Abby (also very perfect) got the Clown pumpkin. It was really fitting for both of their personalities. They actually got to do more this way then they would have if we decided to carve them.

So handsome :) He has hats galore. A good friend of ours is in the NFL and every time he goes to another team, well of course Nick gets gear for said team. The Bengals it is right now, hence his trip to Cincinnati a few posts back. I am also loving the new growth he is sporting :)

I could not resist letting Abby still wear her boots, even though it was in the high 80's today. She has a touch of fall. Bella on the other hand wanted to wear a dress and flip flops, I can't blame her.

I think they turned out so cute. They will also last longer than if we carved them. They should last well past Halloween. The only bad thing is we can't light them, but if I remember correctly, we didn't light them last year but maybe one time. They turn to goo so fast when you light them. Plus the bugs, ooohhhhh the bugs.

The girls kissing their pumpkins. The lips on them were HUGE.

The finishing touches, I have to say the Diva needed some blush, she was looking a bit pale. Some mascara and drawn in eye brows and she is good to go.


Lisa said...

Adorable! We were going to hit the pumpkin patch yesterday but I was sick. It'll have to be this upcoming weekend if I'm up to it. Gotta check out those Mr Potato Head things!! Way better than carving!!

Lisa said...

Those really are very cute! I despise the whole carving deal, but Hubby & Goosey LOVED it last year!!! We still have to go & get our pumpkins though.....

Melissa said...

Oh MY!! Those are adorable! Woohoo on the sexy hubby...that is a Great shot of him. Where is the sexy mama??? Not that I'm one to talk. hehe.

The GORGEOUS! Bella's hair is so Beautiful...*swooning*

I hope you are feeling better and getting some strength back. Glad to hear that Miss Abby is "helping" you out. I was shocked the first time Paige was able to climb into her seat. Now she won't let us put her in. ugh...We have an Expedition, so I can somewhat relate. Take care...and I'm glad they think they found the source of your pain. =)