Sunday, October 21, 2007

It went well

Everything went well, I am home and recovering.
I ended up in recovery for about 4 hours cause I could not meet all the requirements IE. go pee. I think it may have something to do with the fact that the nurses insisted on being inside the bathroom with me. My blood pressure was very low and they didn't want to leave me in there alone. I am not a public bathroom goer though. At one point I insisted I was not leaving the bathroom till I went and she (the nurse) had to go check on someone else so Nick came in and then I was able to go....just like that. The nurse came back in and joked that Nick went for me, but I assure you he did not. Although he did offer :)
I do not remember much before and after, funny how everything sort of erases from your mind. I have no recollection of speaking to the doctor in recovery. I was really counting on Nick to tell me everything he said to him, BUT he does not remember everything. He did say he found some lesions or adhesion's and removed them. He found something growing on my pelvic bone and said that could be the source of alot of my pain, and he removed that also. My tubes are all clear and that is all he remembers. He said the Doctor showed him some before and after pictures from the surgery and it was a little much for him to see. I thought that was funny.
He ended up making 3 incisions and the one on my left side is larger than my right side. I am not sure why this is?
My pain is pretty much under control. The hardest is for me to get up and down, and of course out of bed. I cannot lift anything over 10lbs for 2 weeks, so I am worried about how I am going to get Abby in and out of the car to pick Bella up from school. Nick said he would "train" her to get in the car and into her seat by Monday. I really did laugh at that. We drive a Tahoe and *I* have to use the step bar to get in. Amazingly so, she did it. She climbed in the car and into to her car seat, and I just had to buckle her. Pretty neato. Nick said I will just have to lure her to the car with food :) Sounds good to me.


Lisa said... very glad to hear things went well!!! And way to go to Abby on getting in and out of the car like a big girl! (high-five to Nick for teaching her!)

Take care of you and feel better soon!

Lisa said...

So glad everything went well for you! I was thinking of you - now off to baby making, right?

JustJamie said...

Wow, I am sorry I am just now seeing this. I am glad everything seems to have gone well. Hope you have recovered quickly.

JustJamie said...
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