Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not what I was looking for!!

So my whole "set up to have a great day" post, didn't work out how I had hoped.

First I drop the girls off at Mimi's cause Nick was still golfing. I proceed with a little shopping, I wanted to find something to wear for "the girls night out". I was so convinced I would find something, I did NOT even pack clothes to wear that night. I went to Old Navy...nope nothing there that was flattering....then I went to Dillard's and shopped the bottom floor, only to find out it was the teen dept. (no wonder nothing fit, even in my size normally) so I then ask where the woman's dept was and a woman pointed up the escalator. My friend decides to look at shoes downstairs while I go on my last search. At this point it is getting late and we had our spa treatments I had reserved for us. I had little time to find something, and remember I didn't bring anything with me to wear as back-up. I start up the is I decide to start walking up it, as I am doing so, I suppose at some point missed a step and fell flat on my face.....yes....going up the escalator I fell. How do you do that? Well I let out a small scream as I was falling and apparently attracted the attention of some employees and they proceeded to the top of the escalator to make sure I was alright. EMBARRASSING can we say. OK so once at the top, I go the opposite direction of the ladies who came to check on me, cause I wanted to get away as fast as I could. I finally find an outfit, very cute by the way and we leave.

OK so now were booking it to the spa, we can NOT find parking once there, we are driving all over. Once we do finally park and get inside (drenched in sweat from walking so far) I give them our names and tell them our appt time and they are searching the computers, then someone else comes and searches the computers. Then a manager comes out and tells me the person who booked our spa treatments is "new" and apparently never entered our appts in their systems, even though she took all my info, including my debit card. She then proceeds to tell me unfortunately they have no appts available for body treatments. I am about to cry at this point, I am so disappointed at how my day has gone thus far I just wanna throw in the towel and head back home. She then tells me how sorry she is, and this should never happen, blah, blah, blah. So a few min later of her searching the data, she tells me she does have room for 2 pedicures. Well after the spa we were going to go to another place and get pedicures anyway so we say what the heck, might as well. The manager tells me she is going to discount our service, and also future services for the inconvenience. So I am like, "wow what a way to handle it" very professional and they must want my business. We get our pedicures and they were nice, only a few differences from any other place you can go around the corner here. OK so we come out and I go to pay for both of ours (I was going to treat her to the massage so I figure I will just pay for the pedicure instead) and my total with the discount for 2 pedicures is.....are you ready for this.... $ 120.00. I was like what kind of a discount is that, I should have looked at the prices before I agreed to their pedicures :) While the massages would have been more than that, for a pedicure I was not prepared to pay that much, and on top of the discount for my inconvenience? I think they sold me a banana in the tail pipe. I walked away from there feeling very taken advantage of for some reason, what happened to businesses wanting your business and doing whatever they could to keep it. I Guess that is not how it is anymore.

I won't bore you with the rest of the evening, aside from my continued lack of grace, we had a great time. I swear if there is something to trip over, I am in the path of it.

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Lisa said...

I laughed out lout at your story! Hopefully you can laugh about it too now! It sounds like something that would happen to me!
I found your blog through Rachael's site. I have been so moved by Hannah's story. I too have two little gals, and thinking about losing one breaks my heart! Your little girls look like cuties!
Have a great day!